1st Cycle Degree/Bachelor in Geological Sciences

Degree programme

Programme type 1st Cycle Degree/Bachelor
Academic Year 2018/2019
Code 8015
Degree Programme Class L-34 - Earth sciences
Years in which the programme is being held 1st, 2nd and 3rd year
Type of access Restricted access
Place of teaching Bologna
Degree Programme Director Rossella Capozzi
Language Italian

Programme profile

The 1st cycle Degree Programme in Geological Sciences aims to provide cultural, technical and vocational training for the profession of Junior Geologist or Geological Technician, or required for further post-graduate studies and 2nd cycle degree programmes. The programme aims to train graduates able to perform geological surveys, draft geological maps, also using ICT systems, classify and gather scientific data concerning Earth Sciences, working in territorial systems and museums. For this purpose the degree programme mainly covers all Earth Sciences subjects.

The Programme is organised to provide basic knowledge and understanding of mathematics, chemistry and computing, including the principles of numerical cartography, and the various fields of geological subjects and their theoretical, experimental and practical aspects, through course units offered in SSD GEO/01, GEO/02, GEO/03, GEO/06, GEO/07.
To develop the ability to apply the theoretical knowledge learned, the programme aims to help students to become familiar with survey and data processing methods, both in the laboratory and on the field, also applying appropriate skills in the use of computers and information technologies, through more practical course units in SSD GEO/04, GEO/05, GEO/08, GEO/10. It also develops effective scientific and technical English language skills to level B1. Study may include both the acquisition of the four linguistic skills (reading, writing, listening and dialogue) and compulsory attendance of lessons, in line with the criteria specified by the study programme coherently with the instructions of the Academic Bodies. The subject learning activities include both lectures, laboratory practice and, highly recommended, field laboratories focusing on the use of specific instruments and experimental surveying methods. The “additional learning activities” include credits for Geology Camp activities. Safety training and education activities related to field laboratories, often held in extreme environments and on work sites, is a fundamental part of the field work, performed in cooperation with the Club Alpino Italiano. In relation to specific learning outcomes, external internship activities in businesses, public organisations and laboratories, are also required. Finally, study periods may be spent in other universities in Italy, Europe or around the world as part of international agreements.

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Scholarships and prizes

Certain bodies and institutions offer prizes and scholarships; the latter are awarded as financial assistance for dissertations related to topics on applications of geological surveying.

Access to further study

It gives access to second cycle studies (laurea specialistica/magistrale) and master universitario di primo livello.

Career opportunities

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