2nd Cycle Degree/2 year Master in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production

Degree programme

Programme type 2nd Cycle Degree/2 year Master
Academic Year 2018/2019
Code 0966
Degree Programme Class LM-65 - Performing arts and multimedia productions
Years in which the programme is being held I, II
Type of access Open access with assessment of personal competencies
Place of teaching Bologna
Degree Programme Director Veronica Innocenti
Language Italian

Programme profile

The programme is designed to build experts inthe various professions nowadays connected to the cinema and audio-visual production. Providing advanced theoretical and practical know-how on the technicalities of audio-visual, television and multimedia products, the degree programme gives a high-profile training in creating, managing, reviewing, and training other people in all forms of audio-visual product; it is also as tepping-stone to specialist research.

The curriculum designed for students on the second-cycle master's degree programme combines tuition in theory, methodology and/or analysis, and course units of a technical production-oriented kind.

The master's degree in Cinema, television and multimedia production includes three main learning areas. Methodology, comprising the latest theory, analysis and practical knowledge of new technology, the most recent multimedia developments, and innovations in the cinema industry. History and Criticism goes into the historical and theoretical background and supplies means for comparative textual analysis of cinema,television and multimedia products. Practice-production-management develops methodological and technical skills leading to jobs in the various areas of production and distribution, as well as promotion and conservation of cinema,multimedia and television products.

Access to further study

It gives access to third cycle studies (Dottorato di ricerca/Scuole di specializzazione) and master universitario di secondo livello.

Career opportunities

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