2nd Cycle Degree/2 year Master in Economics and Accounting

Degree programme

Programme type 2nd Cycle Degree/2 year Master
Academic Year 2018/2019
Code 0900
Degree Programme Class LM-77 - Management
Years in which the programme is being held

1° and 2° year

Type of access Restricted access
Place of teaching Bologna
Degree Programme Director Marco Maria Mattei
Language Italian

Admission requirements and assessment of previously acquired knowledge/competences

1. Admission to CLAMEP is subject to thepossession of a three-year 1st cycle degree under D.M no. 270/2004 in classesL18 or L33, or a three-year degree under D.M. no. 509/1999 in classes 17 or 28,or a four-year degree in Economics and Business or Business and Economics.

2. Applicants to CLAMEP must in any case haveobtained the credits listed below:

Credits Subject areas
At least 24 CFU:SECS-P/07
At least 16 CFU:SECS-P/08, SECS-P/09, SECS-P/10, SECS-P/11
At least 10 CFUIUS/01, IUS/04, IUS/07, IUS/12.

3. The CFU listed above must have been obtained bythe date of the exam to assess personal competencies and skills, as describedin paragraph 7 of this article.

If the above-mentioned requirements are not met,admission is subject to a specific assessment of the candidate's academiccareer by Board appointed by the Degree Programme Board, to check the requiredknowledge based on the candidates' CV and possibly an interview. The Board willset a calendar for the assessments between August and September each year,which will be published on the University Portal.

4. This assessment, and the interview whererequired, will also apply to candidates holding a four-year degree from theprevious degree system and those holding a qualification obtained abroad.

5. CLAMEP has restricted access according theavailable resources and the foreseeable career opportunities. The number ofavailable places is published annually.

6. An entrance exam will be set for the candidatesmeeting the requirements laid down in the above paragraphs, and a ranking listwill be drafted accordingly. The exam will be held as described in the call forapplications.

7. Students passing the entrance exam with atleast the minimum score set shall be deemed to have passed the assessment oftheir personal competencies and skills.

Programme profile

Considering that the above-described careeropportunities for 2nd cycle graduates require:

i) common basic grounding in accountancy(knowledge of business, multi-disciplinary quantitative and legal knowledgeapplied to commercial, bankruptcy and taxation fields) and ii) functional andorganisational specialisation; the curriculum of this degree programme covers:

a) studies aiming to support the knowledge and toolsacquired, common to all professional profiles;

b) two learning areas common to the three profiles(business and law-economics);

c) specialisation leading to the acquisition offurther skills for the above-described profiles, through learning activitiesincluding internships, workshops and elective course units; those opting forthe chartered accountant profile shall perform internships, while those optingfor the other profiles shall take part in workshops.

A number of credits in the programme are assignedto elective course units.

The range of workshops and elective courses offerthe flexibility required to meet the specialist profiles envisaged in thisdegree programme.


Expected learning outcomes

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Access to further study

It gives access to third cycle studies (Dottorato di ricerca/Scuole di specializzazione) and master universitario di secondo livello.

Career opportunities

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