95376 - French Language Exercises (Lm)- Lcis

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

To teach the student the different ways of exploiting an audiovisual document (films, documentaries) for teaching purposes.

Course contents

The course aims to:

  • to make students aware of the reality of multiculturalism through the study and analysis of a series of documents designed to encourage reflection on today's multi-ethnic society.
  • to activate paths inherent to the teaching of the language, to encourage the student's initiatives and direct participation and to enhance their knowledge and language skills through a series of interactive exercises.


Note for attending students:

No bibliography is given as attendance at lectures is sufficient for the acquisition of a working methodology and in-depth lexical, grammatical and thematic study. Non-attending students must meet the teacher during a reception.

Recommended bibliography for non-attending students:

Virginie Gaugey, Hugues Sheeren, le francais dans le mouv’, Editions Le Lettere Università.

Teaching methods

Learning and practice:

  • Acquisition of a methodology of analysis from a filmic document.
  • Expansion of grammatical fields.
  • Expansion of lexical fields.
  • Awareness-raising and reflection on the topic of multiculturalism.
  • Awareness-raising in language didactics.
  • Production of film analyses.
  • Development of exercises, conception and realisation of activities, involvement of the group for active participation of all.
  • Evaluation of the correct achievement of the set objectives.
  • Identification of the weak points of each student's work and analysis of the causes.

Assessment methods

The examination will propose two types of exercises for a more comprehensive assessment of the various skills acquired.

1. A film analysis based on an extract taken from an audiovisual document (film or documentary) studied during the year.

2. A production of teaching material:
a) Development of grammar exercises
b) Elaboration of lexical or interactive exercises from the document provided.

Office hours

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