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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

At the end of the seminar (activity strictly related to the objectives of the degree course) the student acquires specific skills and notions to deal with linguistic and / or philological and / or literary and / or historical and / or artistic themes and problems.

Course contents

The aim of this seminar is to provide students with a detailed overview of contemporary Italian poetry.

Organised with the support of the Centre for Contemporary Poetry of the University of Bologna, Aula Poesia intends to provide students with some knowledge about contemporary poetry, showing how certain practices, poetics and situations interact with the present. The seminar’s contribution to the professional skills that can be acquired concerns the field of journalistic criticism and creative and non-creative writing skills.

The seminar consists in a serie of meetings: dialogues with contemporary poets; discussion with poets on the literary canon; on poetry publishing, in magazines (print and digital) as well as publishing houses; thematic encounters exploring the specifity of poetry in relation to other linguistic-literary traditions, other forms of writing, extra-literary phenomena such as media and cinema, and in relation to topics of today’s debate, from ecology to performativity, from children’s literature to the gender identity and sexuality.

The seminar develops in 15 meetings of two hours each, which will be held in the second semester and spreads over several cycles:

- The Aula Poesia seminar

- The “Borderline” workshop, run directly by the student members of the Poetry Centre

- Meetings scheduled as part of individual courses in Italian Contemporary Literature and Foreing Literatures

The detailed calendar of all meetings, detailed by themes and guests, will be published at the beginning of the first semester.

Registration will open on Unibo Virtual at the end of the first semester and will be announced on this page.


A bibliography of the topics addressed and, in general, about contemporary poetry will be detailed later on this page and will be expanded upon during the meetings. Further references will be provided on request.

Teaching methods

Thematic introductions by the coordinator. Dialogues with invited authors. Cooperative learning between seminar participants and student members of the Poetry Centre.

Assessment methods

The seminar does not foresee a grade but a suitability.

Suitability for students enrolled in Italian Studies (6 CFU):

To achieve 6 CFU, students in Italian Studies must have actively participated in at least 13 out of 15 meetings. In addition, at the end of the seminar, students will have to write a short review on one of the books of Italian poetry discussed or on one of the topics addressed. The text, of approximately 1,000 words, must follow a style in line with specialised journalistic criticism (examples from today’s cultural and literary magazines will be provided) and must be handed in to the coordinator according to a timetable that will be communicated in advance and, in any case, before the dates scheduled for the roll call in which the 6 CFU will be assigned.

Suitability for students enrolled on degree courses in Languages (3 CFU):

In order to achieve 3 CFU, students enrolled in the Foreign Languages and Literatures course or the Master degree courses in Modern, Comparative and Postcolonial Literatures and in Italian Culture and Language for Foreigners will have to write, at the end of the seminar, a short review, of approximately 500 words, on a book of contemporary foreign poetry. The text must be handed in to the coordinator in accordance with a timetable that will be communicated in advance and, in any case, before the dates scheduled for the roll call in which the 6 CFU will be assigned.

Teaching tools

Students are asked to subscribe to the teaching page on Virtual and to follow the Centre for Contemporary Poetry’s website to keep informed about the various events.

Office hours

See the website of Guido Mattia Gallerani