84390 - Medical Cases and Scientific Evidence

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Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

Apply clinical reasoning to analyze and resolve common problems of medical interest. Present and critically analyze clinical cases, discuss the differential diagnosis, and formulate appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for each case. Decribe and use the principles of evidence-based medicine in the context of specific medical and clinical questions. Search, retrieve, and present published data from the scientific literature, determine its validity through critical appraisal, and evaluate its translation into everyday clinical practice. Construct a scientific article according to established standards for publication.

Course contents

  • Clinical cases in the area of Internal Medicine with special attention to the most common diseases and the medical complexity and multiple pharmacotherapy.
  • Impact of different clinical scenarios on the development of similar clinical cases to assess the importance of strafing factors as age, gender, concomitant diseases
  • Brief review of the topic of the discussion with the most recente advancements and statements from guidelines


Harrison's. Principles of Internal Medicine 2022, 21th Edition

McGraw-Hill Education

Teaching methods

Discussion of clinical cases based on a problem solving approach. The clinical cases will describe the situation of a typical patient with some open problems in the area of clinical diagnosis and medical treatment. The discussion will be based on some sliding doors options that will be discussed according to a pro and cons approach and with the final conclusions based on the discussion of the different opinions

Assessment methods

Oral examination

Teaching tools

  • Power Point presentations
  • Short movies
  • Multiple choice questionnaires

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