39477 - Orthesis and Orthopaedic Aids 3

Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Emanuele Gruppioni

  • Credits 2

  • SSD MED/50

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures

  • Language Italian

  • Campus of Bologna

  • Degree Programme First cycle degree programme (L) in Orthopaedics techniques (cod. 8483)

  • Course Timetable from Dec 04, 2023 to Dec 20, 2023

Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module, the student has the knowledge and ability to manage and apply the specific devices for the pathologies of interest.

Course contents

The course aims to provide students with an overview of techniques, technologies and devices for the treatment of pathologies,  particularly concearning neurological deseases.

The following topics will be addressed:

  1. Approach to the design of advanced technical devices: workflow and working models
  2. Advanced technical devices for the treatment of neurological and amputee patients
  3. Sub-systems: top-down and bottom-up design approach
  4. Development tools for traditional and digital technologies
  5. Notes on the validation procedures of medical devices (clinical trials on medical devices)


Course slides

Teaching methods

Classroom lessons

Assessment methods

Mixed written exam with multiple choice questions and open-ended questions.

Office hours

See the website of Emanuele Gruppioni