99821 - Health Products and Services: Marketing and Regulation

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Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student acquires: · knowledge of the regulatory updates that regulate and characterize the new categories of products in the Health sector; · Knowledge of the importance of Marketing tools in the positioning path of health products (from the definition of packaging to market positioning - new distribution channels), to help the Client-Patient in purchasing decisions; · Knowledge of new professions and new occupational areas that have been created with the birth of new markets / needs always connected to the culture of Health and Wellness.

Course contents

The evolution of the meaning of health: how concepts of health and well-being change;
Personal Wellbeing and Social Wellbeing: Maslow's Pyramid of Needs;
Analyzing the "market" of Wellness: knowing and selecting the characteristics of clients-patients;
The marketing system for the health market: the tools to organize and manage this market;
The distribution channels of well-being: analysis, strengths, weaknesses;
Consulting, communication and sales in the wellness channels: the rules of the market and distribution;
Communication in wellness points of sale: the rules of communication and relationships between subjects;
Communication: active listening;
The market for supplements and nutraceuticals: market, positioning and distribution;
Supplements and the marketing system: the rules of marketing for the formulation, production and positioning of a supplement on the market;
the regulation on food supplements, nutraceuticals and phytotherapy;
nutrition for special medical purposes: legislation and the market;


- 2022 - il marketing degli integratori - editore maggioli

Teaching methods

face-to-face lectures with interactive modality

Assessment methods

the assessment on the preparation will take place through oral exams with questions on the topics covered in the lesson modules.

Teaching tools

the slides relating to the lessons will be made available on the university platforms.

Office hours

See the website of Roberto Romagnoli