00405 - Physics

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Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

The student will have the fundamental knowledge of the general physics and the basic methodology of the experimental physics. The student will be able to understand some mechanical, thermodynamic, electrical phenomena, he will be able also to use the basic units of measure, and to understand the meaning of the experimental uncertainty.

Course contents

Experimental measures, definition and characteristics. Exp session in lab with measures of: heat capacity, electrical resistance and wavelength of yellow light. Introduction to statistical analysis of experimental uncertainties.

Kinematics; Newton's laws of dynamics; Energy and momentum conservation rules; Gravitation, statics and dynamics of ideal fluids;

Thermodynamics: heat and temperature; the ideal gas law; kinematic model of an ideal gas, specific heat; the first principle of thermodynamics and the conservation of energy; the second principle of thermodynamics; entropy;

Electrodynamics and principle of optics. The Coulomb law; the electric field and electric potential; the capacitor; electric currents; electromagnetic waves; geometrical optics (the laws of reflection and refraction).


J S Walker: Fondamenti di Fisica (Pearson Italia, 2010)

Halliday, Resnick, Walker: Fondamenti di Fisica (6 edizione) Meccanica, Termologia, Elettromagnetsimo, Ottica (CEA).

Teaching methods

Lectures and laboratory sections.

Assessment methods

Written and oral examinations.Written examination is made up by two parts which will be held during the course. Lab reports will be evaluated for the final exam.

Some examples of the exams are published on the web site: https://virtuale.unibo.it/. Oral exams are made up by two questions, one to the candidate choice, one by the commission. To be admitted to the oral exams the students should have obtained a a mark over 18/30 for the written exam and they should have done the laboratory sessions.

Teaching tools

Lectures and laboratory sessions.

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