85306 - Proteomes, Interactomes and Biological Networks

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, the student has the basic knowledge of the experimental techniques for analyzing at large proteins expressed in a biological systems and their interactions. The student is familiar with the publicly available databases collecting proteomics and interactomics data and knows how to represent and analyze the structural complexity of interactions with the Network theory.

Course contents

Theoretical Session (4 CFU):

  1. Protein sequence and structure
  2. Amino acids properties and propensities
  3. Protein complexes and interactions
  4. Reference databases of protein sequence and structure
  5. Types of macromolecular interactions
  6. Protein and gene interaction databases
  7. Proteomics databases
  8. Functional enrichment
  9. Information retrieval in web-available databases
  10. Principles of graph theory

Practical Part (2 CFU):

  1. Files and formats for handling proteins and networks
  2. Analysis and visualization of protein structure and protein-protein complexes
  3. Analysis and visualization of biological networks
  4. Tools for proteomics and interactomics


Slides, selected articles and reviews will be made available in online

Teaching methods

Lectures, practicum and script implementation

Assessment methods

Before attending the final oral exam, the student has to provide the written report on the practical project. For the exam, the student is expected to answer questions about the project and all the main topics of the course.

Teaching tools

Online, Public Data Bases, PubMed, and materials (pdf of the lectures and selected articles) on a personal webpage. A Linux virtual machine is used during the lectures and the practical sessions. Students are encouraged to use their personal laptop.

Office hours

See the website of Emidio Capriotti

See the website of Luana Licata

See the website of Giulia Babbi