27994 - Vocational activities

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

At the end of the activity, the student acquires adequate skills to develop and deepen further skills in the use of computer tools and/or scientific computing.

Course contents

The Professionalizing Activities will be divided into the following sub-modules:

  1. Computers, Networks and Applications
  2. Introduction to the LaTeX language


The teaching material (in Italian language) will be uploaded directly by the teacher on the digital platform https://virtuale.unibo.it/, in the course dedicated section.

Teaching methods

The course participates in the University’s educational innovation project (DDI) and will be carried out in distance learning mode, through dedicated digital platforms.

Some meetings in attendance will be scheduled, focused on software installation problems or particular LaTeX writing topics.

All software used in the course can be freely downloaded and installed on the computers of the enrolled students, who will be able to experience programming directly during the lessons.

In consideration of the type of activity and teaching methods adopted, the frequency of this training activity requires the prior participation of all students in Moduli 1 e 2 di formazione sulla sicurezza nei luoghi di studio, in e-learning mode.

Assessment methods

The verification of the learning outcome will take place through an online exam.

Teaching tools

The course uses free and licensed software available to the students, who will be able to recreate the most suitable working environment on their computers.

These apps are also available in the Department of Mathematics computer facility.

Participation in the DDI trial will provide students with additional digital tools, for the sharing of teaching material and for fruition of lessons video recordings, in asynchronous mode.

Office hours

See the website of Massimiliano Ghedini

See the website of