29719 - Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

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Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

The student will learn the basic principles of manufacturing processes based on cutting by means of machine tools. He will be able also to organize simple production sequences (including tooling geometry, machine tool selection) basing on product geometry, batch number and dimensional requirements.

Course contents

FUNDAMENTALS OF CUTTING: Mechanics of chip formation, types of chips, Cutting forces, stresses and power, theory of Merchant, cutting temperatures, wear and failure. Roughness finishing and surface integrity. Machinability

TOOL MATERIALS: Carbon steels, high speed steels, High strength Alloys, sintered carbides, ceramic tools, diamonds, TiN coated high speed steels, cermets, cubic boron nitrides. Monitoring of tool wear, cutting fluids, cutting fluid management.

MACHINING OPERATIONS: turning, boring, facing, drilling, reaming. Lathe design and terminology, boring machine and boring tools. Workholding in lathes: mandrels, chucks, collets. Drilling Machines and drills. Milling: fundamentals of milling, milling cutters and milling machines.

Broaching, Sawing, Shaping, Planing. Gear manufacturing.

ABRASIVE MACHINING: Abrasive grain size and geometry, grinding, grinding wheels, bonding materials, dressing and truing, honing.

WORKHOLDING DEVICES: design criteria, location principles, clamping consideration, group jigs and fixtures

NUMERICAL CONTROL AND MACHINING CENTERS: CAD-NC, level of automation, types of control, servomotors, ball lead screw, table positioning measure, velocity transducers, part programming, turning centers and milling centers.


A.Fortunato, A. Ascari, E. Liverani "Tecnologia Meccanica. Introduzione alle lavorazioni per asportazione di truciolo", Esculapio editore, Bologna, 2016

A. Zompi, R Levi "Tecnologia Meccanica-Lavorazioni ad asportazione di truciolo" UTET

S. Kalpakjian "Manufacturing Engineering and technology", Addison-Wesley

Teaching methods

Powerpoint presentation; Exercices and discussion of industrial problems

Assessment methods

Final test in written and oral form. 

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Teaching tools

Book and slides.

Office hours

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