28669 - Optimisation Tools Laboratory T-A

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of simulation and optimization software for complex systems.

Course contents

A good knowledge of the basics of Operations Research is required.

The course focuses on applying theoretical techniques of simulation and mathematical modelling studied in Operations Research to solve decision problems by software tools.

The goal is, on one hand, to let the students get a good familiarity of the simulation and optimization software, and, on the other hand, to deepen their knowledge on optimization techniques to solve complex problems.

1. Review of Numerical Simulation
2. Process Interaction Simulation
3. Arena Commercial Software (use of the basic modules, statistic computation, queue analysis)
4. Review of Linear Programming and Integer Linear Programming
5. Mathematical models
6. Microsoft Excel with Excel solver (model definition and solution, sensitivity analysis)
7. AMPL Software with commercial solvers (syntax, model definition and solution)




Teaching methods

Lab lectures and exercises.


Compulsory before starting the course: Moduli 1 e 2 di formazione sulla sicurezza nei luoghi di studio, [https://elearning-sicurezza.unibo.it/].

Assessment methods

Lab exam: design of a simulation model, implementation of an optimization model.

Teaching tools

Examples, online resources.


Office hours

See the website of Enrico Malaguti

See the website of Paolo Paronuzzi