27151 - Cinema Laboratory (1)

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

By the end of this class students will have acquired a range of skills related to the technical and organizational aspects of filmmaking and production; will be able to integrate practical skills with historical, critical and theoretical knowledge of film culture.



Course contents


Tutor: Stefano Orro, Vanessa Mangiavacca

Period: October-November 2022

Description: This lab is aimed to explore the creative potential of home movies archival collections. The activities will be developed in connection with the first edition of the Bring the Archive into the World festival, which will be held at Cinema Lumière October 20-24. Following a preliminary phase, meant as an introduction to the practice of found footage film (creative re-editing of archival materials), which will allow the students to attend the festival screenings and workshops, four videos will be realized with the archival materials provided by Home Movies. Three phases are envisaged:

  1. Preliminary phase: Students attend the screenings and workshops at the Bring the Archive into the World festival (October 20-21)
  2. Pre-production: students are divided into groups to discuss the material provided by Home Movies and its possible uses. Each group then proposes a possible solution for the editing of the material, including the compilation of an editing plan and the choice of usable soundtracks
  3. Production and post-production: once the planning is completed, students proceed to assembling the video draft on the editing facillities

How to enroll: Send an email at darvipem.spaziocinema@unibo.it, writing “Richiesta iscrizione - Home Movies: riuso creativo e sperimentazione" as the title of your message and adding your information: name/surname and telephone number. 


Fase 1: DamsLab: mar 18.10 h 11/13, gio 20.10 h 11/13; Cinema Lumiére: ven 21 e sab 22 tutto il giorno.

Fase 2: mar 25.10 h 10/13, gio 27.10 h 10/13, gio 3.11 h 10/13, lun 7.11 h 10/13, gio 10.11 h 10/13

Fase 3: gruppo 1 e gruppo 2: da lunedì 14 a venerdì 18 nov h 10/14; gruppo 3 e gruppo 4: da lunedì 21 a venerdì 25 nov h 10/14

Incontro finale: lun 28 nov h. 14/16


This lab does not require studying on books, but a number of different audiovisual and textual learning materials will be made available on Virtuale.unibo.it

Teaching methods


Assessment methods

Laboratory activity does not give a grade but merely a “Idoneo”/“Pass”, expressed on the basis of participation in the activities envisaged.

In order to be considered an attending student, an attendance of at least 80% of the lessons/activities is required.

Teaching tools

Sala Polivalente: a room with a seating capacity of 35 seats; a film studio with blue screen; a PC for videoprojection on screen or 60' monitor.

Videocameras: 2 Panasonic AG – MCM 151; 1 Black Magic Pocket - 1 JVC LS -300

3 editing workstations equipped with Adobe CS5 Creative production (Premiere; After Effects; Flash and more)

Office hours

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