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Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

learn the main techniques of sampling and processing of tissues for histological examination and their respective advantages and disadvantages, acquiring the ability to critically choose the optimal approach in the specific clinical case.

Course contents

  • Surgical techniques and use of diagnostic imaging in histological sampling:
    • oneedle biopsies
    • punch
    • incisional biopsies
    • excisional biopsies
  • Techniques of fixation, orientation, inking, and conservation of the different types of histological specimens.
  • Trimming: small samples, orientation of the skin punch, trimming for the evaluation of histological margins.
  • Embedding, cutting and preparation of the histological slide.
  • Observation of histological samples under the microscope: comparison of the samples taken according to the different techniques, definition of the limits and advantages of sampling techniques.

Teaching methods

The course is set up in order to promote the active learning of the student who, by physically carrying out the procedures, and observing the preparations firsthand, will be able to verify the advantages, disadvantages and technical problems of the different sampling and processing methods, and how much these can impact on the overall diagnostic process in the clinical case.

The course is divided into three phases:

a) Introductory / theoretical phase in which the teachers, through lectures, provide basic concepts relating to the topics of their competence.

b) Practical phase in which the students work under the supervision of the teachers carrying out the sampling, processing, preparation and observation procedures of the samples.

c) Production phase in which students present the main problems encountered in the practical phase and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different techniques applied.

Assessment methods

The evaluation of the students attending the course will take into account two moments:

- Presentation of technical issues (clarity and effectiveness of presentation, summary and completeness of the topic addressed, discussion).

- Result of a written test on the topics covered in the introductory part.

Office hours

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