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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Quality education

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

The workshop is aimed at students who have attended the course of Civil Procedural Law, to acquire practical knowledge relating to the subject matter covered in the course, with particular reference to the techniques of drafting the acts of the civil process. At the end of the lessons, students will test the skills achieved in a simulated trial.

Course contents

The seminar will be built around a hypothetical case, with an analysis of the techniques for drafting the various procedural documents (citation, response, statement of claim, judgment).

A calendar of the lessons and of the single topics covered will be made available at the beginning of the second semester.


Materials will be distributed during class

Teaching methods

The seminar will be held in Ravenna, Italy, in the second semester (between March and April 2022).

A maximum number of 20 students will be allowed to participate. To apply to participate you must send an email to prof. Lupoi at: micheleangelo.lupoi@unibo.it.

Preference will be given to fifth and fourth year undergraduate students.

In order to participate in the seminar, at least a basic knowledge of the general principles of the trial and the rules of the trial of first instance cognition is required.

It is aimed at Master's degree students from the third year onward. Not recommended for students of three-year courses who have not taken an examination in the field of civil procedure.

The lessons will be theoretical and practical, with the drafting of procedural documents relating to a specific case.

The seminar will conclude with a moot trial, in which students will participate divided into teams.

Assessment methods

Class attendance is mandatory, as is participation in the final moot trial.

Active participation inclass and in the moot trial is required.

The seminar will be considered passed with a positive evaluation of such participation.

Office hours

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