95386 - Mediation Spanish Exercises (Lm)

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to familiarize the students with theories of linguistic and cultural mediation and its diverse practical/professional applications. The students are expected to be able to apply the theoretical and practical tools learned in class to the needs of the public and social services, as well as to international and intercultural communication. They are also expected to progress to being able to independently monitor and update their skills and competence, also for the purpose of conducting autonomous research in the field. Language classes aim at improving students’ linguistic competence; over the two year period students’ knowledge of Spanish should reach an equivalent level to C2 in accordance with the European framework in all four abilities. These classes will work in connection with the lectures to improve students’ writing skills in particular.

Course contents

Language exercises LM LSC

Dott.ssa Ma del Pilar Asarta

The readership wants to convey to students the skills of the mediator of the Spanish language, by analyzing the characteristics and peculiarities of Spanish as a foreign language in a practical way and developing the four language skills (level C1-C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), providing students with the technical and cultural tools necessary for an autonomous approach to the problems of mediation between the Italian and the Spanish language, deepening their language skills in order to foster a more conscious learning of the Spanish language.
Students enrolled in the Mediation Spanish must pass the written test (Compatibly with the Covid 19 situation) and oral exercises before the exam Prof. Betti.
The informations on the exercises and its bibliography will be provided at the beginning of the course and on the website:


Teaching methods

Lectures and cooperative learning (Compatibly with the Covid 19 situation. The lessons will require the active participation of students (engaged in the acquisition of the content and processes necessary for the mediation) through discussions, "role play", various presentations and tutorials (Compatibly with the Covid 19 situation).

*This program on line, given the emergency period, will be the same for everyone.


Dr Asarta:

Dossier on line: https://www.unibo.it/sitoweb/mariadel.asarta

Teaching methods

Lectures and cooperative learning.

Assessment methods

The tests of the readership are preliminary. The overall grade of the examination (lector + course teacher) will be the sum for 1/3 of the vote of the readership and the 2/3 vote of the teacher of the course (lectures course teacher).

* * Students who are NOT attending must contact Dott. Asarta and prof. Betti before the exam session.

Esercitazioni : Checking the written and oral language skills (level C1)
Redacción y traducción (Theme and trad. written on topics related to the general program of the course, length 40 lines written in about 1 hour and 30 minutes)
Comentario ORAL (Oral Commentary of a brief statement of morphosyntactic and lexical character, on a topic related to the exercise program).
NB The overall grade (final) proof-reading is calculated by averaging the grade of the written and the oral one vote

Teaching tools

Fotoocpias, PPT, etc.

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