88078 - Workshop On Academic Writing

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

The laboratory aims to strengthen students' ability to elaborate different types of academic writings, with particular attention to their structure and formal characteristics, communicative effectiveness, and critical contents. At the tend of the laboratory, students will acquire the necessary competences to write executive summaries, research reports, reviews, articles, and literature reviews for specialized academic journals.

Course contents

The workshop will provide students with some conceptual and methodological tools needed to write good academic essays in the field of political sciences. Students are expected to develop and improve their reading, writing and argumentative skills, to draft well-structured papers, acquire knowledge of different citation styles, improve their capacity for bibliographical research and perfect their knowledge on the correct use of English grammar and syntax in academic writing.

In the first place, the teacher will introduce and discuss some well-established views on the most profitable strategies for successful academic writing, dwelling on tips to follow and common mistakes which students ought to avoid in the drafting of their essays. Part of the workshop will also be devoted to an illustration of citation styles and methods of bibliographic search.

In the second place, students will be encouraged to engage in critical reading, synthesis and re-elaboration of academic texts (short sections of books, essays in reviews, short articles ethical, political and juridical issues proposed by the teacher), bringing out their pivotal arguments and developing their own stances on the relevant themes.


Academic Texts (essays in volumes, articles in reviews and book chapters) will be supplied by the teacher at the beginning of each class. 


Suggested readings: 

- R.R. Jordan (1999. Third Edition). Academic Writing Course: Study Skills in English. Harlow (Essex): Pearson Education Limited.

- J. Trzeciak and S.E. Mackay (1998). Academic Writing. Student's Book. Hemel Hempstead (Hertfordshire): Prentice Hall Europe.

- R. Murray, Writing for Academic Journals. Milton Keynes: Open University Press (chapters 3-7).

Teaching methods

- 10 classes (in presence and online) of three hours each for a total of 30 hours.

- Lectures, classroom exercises, seminar sessions, class presentations. 

- Critical reading and writing of texts, correction of written essays.

Assessment methods

In the penultimate session of the workshop, students will be asked to write a text (available time: 4 hours); maximum length 15,000 characters). Attendance of at least 70% of the classes and the submission of the paper are the necessary and sufficient requirements for achievement of the 4 credits.

Teaching tools

Powerpoint presentations will be available for students at the end of each class. 

Office hours

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