75466 - Research on Historic Building M

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

At the end of the activity, the student has carried-out an in-depth study on one of the topics covered by the course.

Course contents

The course will guide students in the formulation and development of a research program intended to frame and deepen one or more aspects of the topic addressed in their degree thesis. The choice of the topics to be studied and the approaches to be adopted will be agreed in close coordination with the thesis supervisor. At the end of the course, the student must produce a research report in which the studied contents are summarized and adequately referenced, highlighting the connections with the preparation of the degree thesis which is carried out in parallel.


Specific bibliography will be provided in relation to the topics covered by the research conducted by the student

Teaching methods

In relation to the topic of the research, students will be provided with indications on the documentary and bibliographic sources to consult and on the methods with which to return the information found in the research report (techniques for formulating a research program, structure and articulation of the activities, methods of citing bibliographic references, methods of drafting reference repositories and case studies, etc.) The contents will be made available through lectures, seminars and individual meetngs.

Assessment methods

The object of the learning assessment will be the research report prepared by the student at the end of the course. The elements on the basis of which the judgment will be formulated are: relevance of the topic studied with the topic addressed in the thesis (40%), adequacy and correctness of the methodology used for the research (30%), effectiveness and completeness of the research report prepared (30%)

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