31154 - Polish Literature 2

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the student will know the history of Polish literature from Middle Ages up to the end of the XVIII century. A special attention will be paid to the relationship betweenthe literary texts and their historical, ideological and linguistical contexts, and - in a comparative perspective -to the cultural connections between Italy and Poland. The student will be introduced to the methods for analysis and interpretation of a literary text.

Course contents

The course will will consist of two parts: a monographic part and a general part, both common for all years.

Monographic part:

Olga Tokarczuk's work

General part:

Polish contemporary literature

Lessons will be about themes, works, authors of particular importance in the history of Polish literature from WWII to nowadays.


Monographic part:

O. Tokarczuk, Bieguni

O. Tokarczuk, Prawiek i inne czasy

O. Tokarczuk, Prowadź swój pług przez kości umarłych

General part:

W. Gombrowicz, Ferdydurke;

Cz. Milosz, Zniewolony umysl

G. Herling-Grudzinski, Inny Swiat;

T. Borowski, Pozegnanie z Maria

J. Andrzejewski, Popiol i diament.

T. Konwicki, Mala apokalipsa;

S. Mrozek, Tango;

T. Kantor,  Umarla klasa;

M. Białoszewski, Pamiętnik z powstania warszawskiego;

Cz. Milosz, Poems (25 to be selected by the student);

Z. Herbert, Poems (20 to be selected by the student);

W. Szymborska, Poems (30 to be selected by the student);

T. Różewicz, Poems (20 to be selected by the student);

A. Zagajewski, Poems (10 to be selected by the student);

- Literary history :

Storia della letteratura polacca , a cura di L. Marinelli, Einaudi, Torino 2004 (Polish edition: Historia literatury polskiej, Ossolineum, Wroclaw 2009).

Cz. Milosz, History of Polish Literature .

- Notions about Polish history

N. Davies, God's Playground: A History of Poland , Oxford University Press 2005 (the part concerning the year of study).

Teaching methods


Assessment methods


The examination will consist in an oral test.

Besides the above mentioned list of books  and the content of the lectures, the students will be asked to write a short commentary about an additional author/work among those mentioned during the course.

The oral test will have the aim of evaluating the competence as well as the critical and methodological ability of the students. The students will be invited to discuss the tests on the course programme, both for the monographic and the general part. The student must demonstrate an appropriate knowledge of the bibliography in the course programme.

Those students who are able to demonstrate a wide and systematic understanding of the issues covered during the lessons, as well as of the readings indicated in the programme bibliography, are able to use these critically and who master the field-specific language of the discipline will be given a mark of excellence (28-30).


Those students who demonstrate a mnemonic knowledge of the subject with a more superficial analytical ability and ability to synthesize, a correct command of the language but not always appropriate, will be given a ‘fair' mark (23-27).


A superficial knowledge and understanding of the material, a scarce analytical and expressive ability that is not always appropriate will be rewarded with a pass mark or just above a pass mark (18-22).


Students who demonstrate gaps in their knowledge of the subject matter, inappropriate language use, lack of familiarity with the literature in the programme bibliography will not be given a pass mark.


Students who cannot attend the classes or find the texts are requested to contact the teacher during the office hours (see teacher's website) or by e-mail ( andrea.ceccherelli@unibo.it

Teaching tools

In addition to lessons and readings, parts of films will be shown.

Office hours

See the website of Andrea Ceccherelli