30814 - History of German Culture (LM)

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

The student possesses in-depth knowledge on the cultural, political, philosophical, religious, socio-economic history of German civilization. He has high understanding and critical analysis skills of the cultural specificities of the studied area. He is able to elaborate complex analyzes and to formulate autonomous reflections on specific research topics.

Course contents

Cultural Heritage and Transfer between Germany and italy

The course deals with some exemplary moments of the cultural heritage and transfer between Italy and Germany from the eighteenth century to the present: 1. The journey to Bologna by some German intellectuals during the 18th century; 2. Laura Bassi’s reception in Germany; 3. Durs Grünbein, Dante and Dresden.

The first 15 hours will be held by the lecturer. Within this first part we will also host a conference by Prof. Giulia Cantarutti on Winckelmann and Bianconi (8.10.21) and a conference by Prof. Stefanie Stockhorst on Lessing in italy (14.10.21).

Moreover, the lesson on 30.9.2021 is brought forward to 29.9.2021, at 11.00 in Sala Convegni (Lilec). We will have the honor of hosting a lecture by the German poet Durs Grünbein and Karen Leeder, Professor at New College Oxford, within our course:

Durs Grünbein in conversation with Karen Leeder about

‘Of all things broken and lost’. Durs Grünbein’s perspectives on the bombing of Dresden

Gli studenti del suddetto corso sono invitati a seguire la conferenza in presenza, previa comunicazione scritta alla docente.


The other 15 hours will be held by the tutor in moodle mode. Point 3 will be dealt by the tutor.

The part held by the tutor, Dr. Silvia Ruzzenenti, is managed in collaboration with the University of Potsdam.

For this reason, we use their platform. The moodle course is to be found in:

Open.Up Kurs:


To access you must register in the following post:

"Ein neues Konto anlegen?" (ohne UP Account)

The password is: "FuCuHe2021"



On the 26. October 2021 we will host the conference "Laura Bassi and Christiana Mariana von Ziegler", held by Chiara Conterno and Astrid Dröse, in the Sala Convegni (Lilec) and online, in Teams, from 12.00 to 13.30.

The course will take place in German. Students are required to prepare a short report (3 pages) on one of the topics discussed in class or on others subjects related to the themes of the seminar and agreed with the teacher.

This seminar is carried out in collaboration with the Project Erasmus + Strategische Partnerschaft im Bereich Hochschulbildung “The Future of Cultural Heritage in modern Europe” (https://site.unibo.it/fucuhe/it ).

Non-attending students: The program is the same, but it is advisable to contact the lecturer.



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Durs Grünbein, „Meerfahrt mit Dante“, in Durs Grünbein, Die Bars von Atlantis, Frankfurt a.M., Suhrkamp, 2009, S. 37-44.

The slides with the materials of the lessons of the first part will be made available by the lecturer in “Virtuale”.


It is recommended to read 1 text among those listed below:

Durs Grünbein, „Weltliteratur: Ein Panoramagemälde“, in Durs Grünbein, Warum schriftlos leben. Aufsätze, Frankfurt a.M., Suhrkamp 2003, S. 23-33.

Durs Grünbein, Porzellan, Frankfurt a.M., Suhrkamp, 2005.

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Teaching methods

Interactive seminars and remote lessons in a similar way to moodle.

Assessment methods

Drafting of a short report (2 pages) on a topic of your choice related to the course and agreed with the teacher.

Teaching tools

Power-Point presentations, conferences by experts on the subject.

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Office hours

See the website of Chiara Conterno