27158 - Art Internship (1)

Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Chiara Tartarini

  • Credits 6

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures

  • Language Italian

  • Campus of Bologna

  • Degree Programme First cycle degree programme (L) in Drama, Art and Music Studies (cod. 0956)


This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Quality education Partnerships for the goals

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

By the end of the curricular internship, students: - carry out practical experiences in a working context; - acquire basic skills in art working field; - are able to self-evaluate their own interests and capabilities.

Course contents

Art internship is a working experience you can carry out at Unibo (departments, libraries, etc.) or external institutions (public or private) holding an agreement with Unibo.

Who is it for

Internship is an optional activity, so you have to include it in your study plan (3° year).


150 hours (= 6 credits) [25 hours = 1 credit] / max. 12 months.

How to find it

You can either select internship offers from the Unibo's internships database and apply to them, or take action to create your own internship by contacting an institution of your interest. If you wish to do an internship at an institution that is on the database, you can send a letter of inquiry. If you are interested in an institution which is not on Unibo database, an agreement should be made between Unibo and the institution before starting your placement.

Application procedure

  1. include the art internship in your study plan (3° year); 
  2. take the Course on health and safety in study and internship areas; once you have passed the test, download the certificate;
  3. send the institution your candidature from the internship database, stating the name of your University tutor (for Art Internship: Chiara Tartarini), and uploading your CV + your cover letter. Your request will be validated by your University tutor and by the Internship Board of your degree programme;
  4. [waiting for the request validation; then] download your internship programme form and sign it; the hosting institution's supervisor have to sign it too;
  5. upload the signed form and wait for the approval; 
  6. [after the approval] download your internship's attendance sheet.

Now you can start your internship.


a) The internship cannot begin if you have not completed this procedure (1-6).

b) It must be carried out in the period in between start/end dates you'll find on the attendance sheet; max.: 12 months.

c) The online Course on health and safety in study and internship areas is compulsory; you have to complete it and pass the test before the beginning of the internship.

During the internship

- fill in your attendance sheet and activity log.

n.b. Before leaving the internship position, make sure that your attendance sheet is duly filled and signed by your hosting institution's supervisor.

At the end of the internship

- upload the filled and signed attendance sheet;

- fill in the evaluation form you'll find online and upload it to the internships website;

- upload a brief report (1 page) on your internship's learning outcomes.

n.b. The hosting institution will have to fill another evaluation form about your activity.


Internship extension

If needed, you can extend your internship duration up to 180 hours (i.e. + 20%), but you'll obtain always 6 CFU. 

Internship interruption

You can stop your internship for any reason and at any time. The interruption must be notified to AFORM - Tirocini Lettere before the initially agreed end date.

n.b. After the interruption, you have to begin a new internship. No activities of the interrupted internship will be recognised.


Assessment methods

You'll obtain a pass-fail evaluation based on the documentation you have uploaded to Tirocini Online.

The internship activity will be recorded online by the teacher (it is not necessary to contact her).

Teaching tools

Further informations



Office hours

See the website of Chiara Tartarini