39258 - Professional Workshop 1 (BO)

Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Stefano Corlaita

  • Credits 1

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures

  • Language Italian

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The student is able to carry out exercises in a protected environment on traditional radiology equipment, to perform the movement of the patient, to perform simulation tests with a manikin.

Course contents

The professional laboratory 1 is the place where students acquire the skills necessary for the practice before starting to carry out the training in contact with patients.
The laboratory provides the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the techniques and tools in a safe and secure environment where the student observes the practice that the Tutor performs with the help of a dummy simulating the path of a patient arriving in radiology to begin from its identification, acceptance, handling techniques and radiographic execution up to its leave.
In this environment the student will learn about the necessary equipment and tools that will allow him to perform the radiographic projections by succeeding by experimenting to correct his mistakes.
The student will learn the patient handling techniques through the various aids that can be used.
The student will learn about the spaces of a radiological diagnostic and how to move in them.
The purpose of the professional laboratory is to involve and assist students in practical activities so that they can apply the concepts acquired during the theoretical lessons and apply them in a protected working environment without anxiety and fear and above all without fear of damaging the patient.

Teaching methods

The acquisition of practical skills and not (Skills and No Skills) through learning in the laboratory

Assessment methods

During the development of the professional laboratory 1 students will be subjected to on-going tests, which are designed to stimulate the student on learning processes and on study methods and strategies in order to promote self-assessment.
At the end of this path the student will be submitted to a final fitness test which will be preparatory for the start of the internship in the various radiological realities.

Teaching tools

Teaching material: lecture with use of power point
Instruments: Manikin, radiological equipment, digital radiological systems, x-ray cassettes, X-ray material, protective devices, handling devices
The teaching material could be updated and / or modified according to scientific techniques and educational-organizational contingencies

Office hours

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