Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Course contents

This is an advanced and critical course on issues of international development in light of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The course will be taught in English.

The course covers the following areas from articles and recent studies, by analyzing and comparing different positions:

A. The age of migration. Internal and international migration and sustainable development

A1. Internal and international migrations. Migration and international development.

A2. Theoretical models of migration and empirical analysis of migration flows and determinants.

B. The age of inequality. Inequality and sustainable development.

B1. Kuznetz's curve and Kuznets cycles.

B2. Recent trends in income inequality (within and across countries). The two sides of a debate.

B3. The contributions of Piketty and Milanovic.

C. The age of hunger and poverty. How to sustain development - the issues of hunger and poverty 


There are no mandatory text-books for this course.

All articles, references and links will be available on the course web-page.

Teaching methods

Lectures in class (in English) with lecture notes and slides available for the students (on the course web-page)

Assessment methods

A written exam (in iEnglish) with 4 to 6 open essay-questions of the course main topics (60% of the final grade).

Two short essays (in English) on any topic related to the course (40% of the final grade)

Teaching tools

Video projector and a internet-connected computer.

Office hours

See the website of Pier Giorgio Ardeni