02531 - Economy Public Law

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course students have knowledge of the criteria and principles governing the intervention of the State in the market, also in relation to the European Union.

Course contents

The course aims to analyse the relationships between the law system and economic behaviors, the relationships between State and markets, in a european perspective.

In particular, the course aims to analyse:

- Small and medium entrprise sector (administrative constraints, small businell act, investment act, ecc.)

- State aid system

- Competition Law

- Public services

- Financial markets

- Public finance


S. CASSESE, La nuova Costituzione economica, Roma, ultima edizione.

Further readings may be recommended by the teacher during lessons.

Teaching methods

The teaching method is that of the frontal lesson. During the course, group works will also be carried out for the analysis of practical cases. Attending students will be able to prepare the exam on notes, and if they consider it necessary, tthey can deepen the program on the recommended texts.

Assessment methods

For those students who attend the course: - oral examination or - working paper

Teaching tools

Power Point Presentations

Office hours

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