Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The course covers the basic principles of the discipline and its historical development between theory and practice , the relationship between the science of information, and the documentation science and the library science . After completing the course the student knows and understands the issues of the information science, and he knows the history, the themes and the technologies of processing of documents.

Course contents

The course aims to clarify the object and applications of the discipline tracing its history and development. In particular, this will be conducted through the presentation of interdisciplinary areas involved and the techniques and technologies for the organization and retrieval of information in documentary systems from the beginnings of information organized to the web. Particular importance will be given to contemporary issues common to the information science, the documentation science, the bibliography and the library science.


Alberto Salarelli, Introduzione alla scienza dell'informazione, Milano, Editrice Bibliografica, 2012.

For those not attending the course, one volume between:

Approche de l'information-documentation. Concepts fondateurs, sous la direction de Cécile Gardiès, Toulouse, Cépaduès éditions, 2011, p.1-69.

Paola Castellucci, Carte del nuovo mondo, Bologna, Il Mulino, 2017.

Teaching methods

Frontal Lectures.

e-learning < link>. Password given at lessons by the teacher.

Assessment methods

Oral exam, beginning with a subject choosen by the student.

It will be evaluated very positive the student's ability to demonstrate the acquired knowledge in a personal and critical way, using an appropriate language.

Teaching tools

Research exercises given by teacher.

Moments of critical discussion in class.

Office hours

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