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Fiammetta Sabba

Associate Professor

Department of Cultural Heritage

Academic discipline: M-STO/08 Archival Science, Bibliography and Librarianship

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Library and Archive Science

Short Bio

Associate Ph.D. Prof. She coordinates the LM/5, she directs the magazine '', the Summer school 'Digital Library: evolution, structures, projects', the LUDI Center, she chaired the CS of the Ravenna Campus Library; she is a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the SBA libraries, and she is the Director's delegate for Open Science.

Principal works: Angelo Maria Bandini in viaggio a Roma (1780-1781), FUP, 2019; Viaggi tra i libri, Serra, 2018; La Bibliotheca universalis di Conrad Gesner, monumento della cultura europea, Bulzoni, 2012; Indice degli autori dei manoscritti in scrittura Latina della Biblioteca Angelica di Roma, PZS, 2009; Profilo di Storia della Bibliografia, con Alfredo Serrai, Sylvestre Bonnard, 2005.

International Congresses organized: ‘Noetica versus informatica’ (2013); ‘Periodici bibliografici tra passato e futuro’ (2018); ‘Patrimonio culturale condiviso: viaggiatori prima e dopo il Grand Tour’ (2018); ‘Il privilegio della parola scritta: gestione, conservazione, e valorizzazione di carte e libri di persona’ (2019); 'Dalla pandemia dei libri alla bibliografia' (2021).

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+39 0544 9 36 726

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Dipartimento di Beni Culturali
Via degli Ariani 1, Ravenna - Go to map

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Office hours

Prof. Sabba does not have fixed reception hours, but personally agrees with each student a meeting with times appropriate to the issues to be addressed.

During the period of suspension of lessons, Prof. Sabba is available online (preferably on the Teams channel) by making an appointment to request by e-mail.

During the lesson period, Prof. Sabba is available in person at the end of each lesson (always by appointment by e-mail) -  in the classroom or in the teacher's office in via degli Ariani, 1 Ravenna; otherwise remotely in the case of students unable to travel.

In the email addressed to her, please describe yourself with: name and surname, matriculation number, year of course, and clearly specify the subject (meeting, exam, internship, erasmus, urgency, information, or thesis and in this case remembering the provisional title or theme if it has already been assigned).