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Fiammetta Sabba

Associate Professor

Department of Cultural Heritage

Academic discipline: M-STO/08 Archival Science, Bibliography and Librarianship

Director of Second Cycle Degree of Library and Archive Science

Curriculum vitae

Actual career:

Fiammetta Sabba is Associate Professor (2014-) at the Department of Cultural Heritage University of Bologna (Ravenna); at the Department of Cultural Heritage of Ravenna: Delegate of the Department Director to 'Communication and web' (June 2015-); Member of the Commission for the Quality Assurance of the Master's Degree in Sciences of the book and the document (2014-2018 ). Referent Erasmus 53668F Lyon21 École nationale supérieure des sciences de l'information et des bibliothèques (ENSSIB) France. Member of Quality Assurance's Commission (2017- ). Member of the Scientific Committee of the Campus Library in Ravenna (2016-); member of the College of Doctorate of “Jewish Studies"; Director of the Summer school 'Linked data for cultural heritage' (2016- ); President of the scientific Committee of the Ravenna Campus Library (UniBO). President of the Scientific Committee of the Ravenna Campus Library and member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the libraries of the University Library System.

Academic training:
Fiammetta Sabba graduated with the highest of honours in "Cultural Heritage" from the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature (branch of Arezzo) at the University of Siena in 2003 after a four year course with a thesis in Codicology and Paleography. In 2005, she gained a Master's degree in "Book-Scripture-Communication" (cl.5/S "Archival Studies and Librarianship") with a thesis in Bibliography.

PhD in Bibliographical, Documentary and Archival Sciences (University of Udine) with a Research entitled "The literary and bibliographic coordinates of the 'Bibliotheca Universalis' of Conrad Gesner” (2009).
Research fellow (2006-2008) in MSTO/08 Bibliography, Librarianship and Archival Studies at the 'Scuola Speciale per Archivisti e Bibliotecari' (SSAB) of the University "Sapienza" of Rome with the project "Building a bibliographic data base with reference to Pandectae gessneriane”.

Teaching activity:
Courtesy professor in librarianship and member of the exam and degree commission for the teaching of 'History of the Library' at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome (2003-2007); and courtesy professor of History of the Library at the Department of Liberal Arts Studies for language, mediation, history, literature and philosophy at the University of Macerata (2013/2014). Professor for contract of ‘Bibliography and librarianship” at the Department of Arts, Literature and Society at the University of Studies of Parma (2013/2014).
Sabba has held various lectures and seminars on Bibliography and History of the library on Masters and Teaching courses (University of Rome, Florence, Perugia, Macerata and CNR).
Now she teaches Management of Libraries, Digital Library, Theory of Information and Documentation, History of Libraries and of the Bibliography.

Professional activity:

She was the supervising curator for the bibliographic and library science restoration of the ‘Bibliocentro’ of the Commerce’s Chamber of of Rome and she was the Coordinating Librarian for the development of resources and services in the Library of the Law Faculty of the University of Catania.

Scientific activity:
She has held numerous scientific position commissioned by MIBACT and Universities, and cultural institution and organisations. Editor of the Index of Latina manuscript authors of the 'Biblioteca Angelica' in Rome; responsible for the scientific editorial (2012-2017) project "La Biblioteca di Francesco Maria II Della Rovere" planned to be published in 11 volumes (7 of them already published) (project partners: Regione Marche, Assessorato beni e attività culturali; Biblioteca comunale, Palazzo ducale, Urbania; Biblioteca universitaria Alessandrina, Roma); and author of the catalog of seventeenth century Library of San Francesco del Monte a Perugia (Libraria settecentesca di San Francesco del Monte a Perugia. Non oculis mentibus esca - Fabbri Editore di Perugia, 2015).

Editorial activity in scientific journals:
• Director: « Rivista di studi semestrale». < >Open access journal in AlmaDL della Università di Bologna (2016- )
• Member of Editorial Advisory Board: «Open Information Science» by De Gruyter Open (Warsaw, Poland) (2016- )
• Member of Editorial Advisory Board: «Perspectivas em Ciência da Informação», rivista trimestrale della Escola de Ciência da Informação da UFMG Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Belo Horizonte, Brasil) (2017- )
• Member of Editorial Advisory Board: InCID: Revista de Ciência da Informação e Documentação rivista della USP-Ribeirão (Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil) (2017- )

  • Member of Editorial Advisory Board: «Bibliologia, An International Journal of Bibliography, Library Science, History of Typography and the Book>> (Fabrizio Serra editore, Pisa - Roma) (2017 - )

  • Member of Editorial Advisory Board: «Perspectivas em Ciência da Informação», rivista trimestrale della Escola de Ciência da Informação da UFMG Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Belo Horizonte, Brasil

  • Member of Editorial Advisory Board: Collana 'Libricolae', diretta da Giorgio Montecchi e Fabio Venuda, Mimemis edizioni (2017- )
  • Member of Editorial Advisory Board: collana "Ante Litteram. Collana di documentazione"edita dal'Istituto Storico Lucchese - sezione di Montecatini e Monsummano, stampa Tipografia San Marco dal 11-02-2018

  • Member of Editorial Advisory Board: collana "Information-documentation-communication (IDC)" collection dirigée par Cécile Gardiès Professeure en Sciences de l’information et de la communication UMR EFTS, ENSFEA, Toulouse, France (Éditions Cépaduès, Toulouse, France)

Past positons: Supervising Editor of the scientific Journal "Bibliotheca", Curator/editor of "Il Bibliotecario" and Co-director of “”.

Membership of cultural associations and scientific societies:

Member of Bibliographical Society - London - (2018- );

member of the Study group 'Libro Antico' AIB (2011-2014),
member of the 'Commissione nazionale biblioteche speciali, archivi e biblioteche d’autore' of the AIB Association (2014-2017; 2017-2020);
editor of MEI (CERL) (2012- );
member of the 'Società Bibliografica Toscana' (2013-);
member of the Directive board of 'Società Italiana di Scienze Bibliografiche e Biblioteconomiche'(2018-) and member of Society by 2014.

Bibliography - Libraries Cultural Heritage - Library Science - Digital Library - Information Science - History of Libraries

- History of Bibliography
- Library Science
- History of Libraries
Digital Library
Information Science

- Evolution of the practices and theories of indexing and cataloging
- Renaissance Collections Catalogues
- Conrad Gesner and his bibliographical project of 'Bibliotheca Universalis' (1545, 1548-49)
- Ebert and Schrettinger: the origin of Modern Biblioteconomy
- Bibliographical Travels, Journey of Librarians
- Bibliographical Scientific Journals of the ancient and contemporary age
- The history of institutional, private, ecclesiastical libraries of modern and contemporary age
- Architecture of ancient library halls (by Borromini in particular)
- Bibliographical and bibliotheconomical Projects for contemporary libraries and documentation centres.

Invited speaker at conferences in Italy, Europe and Brasil.

Member of the research group ' Bibliotheca Disciplinata' University of São Paulo (Brazil).

ORCID: 0000-0002-9786-6825