75677 - Armenian Language and Literature 2A (LM)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course the student will reach a mid-level competence in the Armenian literature and language; he will be able to discuss the subjects critically, employing the appropriate terminology with suitable and up to date bibliographical references.

Course contents

The course aims to increase the student's knowledge about Armenian language, history and literature. Passages from the "History" by Agathangelos (5th century) will be translated by students, together with passages from modern works. Some of these translations will contribute to form an anthology of Armenian literature in Italian language. Particular attention will be paid to Sayat-Nova (XVIII century), the last Armenian troubadour.

Attendance at the lessons is strongly recommended. Those students who cannot attend the course for exceptional reasons, are invited to contact the lecturer at least six months before the exam.


Bibliography for attending students:

1) D. Sakayan, Eastern Armenian for the English-speaking world: a contrastive approach, Yerevan, State University Press, 2007.

2) S. Hairapetian, A History of Armenian Literature from Ancient Times to the Nineteenth Century, Caravan Books, Delmar, New York, 1995 (as for those authors studied at lessons).

3) Sayat-Nova. Canzoniere armeno, a cura di P. Mildonian, Milano, Edizioni Ariele, 2015.

4) Photocopies given by the lecturer.

5) Texts in electronic format.


Students who do not attend lessons are kindly requested to observe the above-mentioned indications

Teaching methods

Traditional lessons, exercises of Armenian grammar on the blackboard, power point presentations.

Assessment methods

The exam will be conducted orally and will assess the student's command of the material studied in the course or referred to in bibliography. Some samples in Armenian script (regarding words, simple sentences or grammatical elements) can be required too.

Top marks will be awarded to a student displaying an ability to summarise, compare to each other and critically discuss topics raised in the course, including linguistic elements.

Average marks will be awarded to a student who has memorized the main points of the material and is able to summarise them satisfactorily, while failing to display a complete command of the appropriate terminology.

Training gaps and / or inappropriate language will lead to votes that will not exceed the sufficiency.

Training gaps, inappropriate language, lack of guidance within the materials offered during the course will lead to failed assessments.

Notice reserved for Master's degree students of the course 75680 - ARMENIAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE 1A / 1B (LM)

This course (6 CFU) is part of the integrated course "Armenian Language and Literature 2A / 2B." If the student has the integrated course (12 CFU) in the study plan, the final grade will result from the arithmetic average of the marks obtained in the two components ("Armenian Language and Literature 2A" and "Armenian Language and Literature 2B").

Teaching tools

Blackboard, photocopies, use of the computer and informatic resources (power-point projections, electronic dictionaries, web-sites related to the Armenian culture etc.).

Office hours

See the website of Anna Sirinian