81573 - Restoration Theories and Practice (1) (LM)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student knows the theory of restoration, from that given by Cesare Brandi to current virtual restoration. In particular, the student develops a critical sense through in-depth study of the characteristics of mobile works and acquires the methodological tools of the discipline.

Course contents

This course aims to provide the students with the basic features of the discipline through the investigation of the different theories and practices that have marked the history of the restoration and preservation of monuments and works of art from the Renaissance to our day. All the lectures will be focused on a very contemporary theme such as conservation and preservation of contemporary art, with a special interest to Urban Art. For some time, disciplines such as writing and street art are the subject of the attentions of the restores and restoration experts who by their work are contributing to the formulation of an appropriate theory for the preservation of these testimonies of contemporary pictorial art. In this regard, this course will deal with the circumstances that in 2015 determined the posting and subsequent musealization of some contemporary murals in Bologna.



Institutional: A. CONTI, Storia del restauro e della conservazione delle opere d'arte, Milano 1988 o in alternativa M. CIATTI, Appunti per un manuale di storia e di teoria del restauro. Dispense per gli studenti, con la collaborazione di F. Martusciello, Firenze 2009; H. JEDRZEJEWSKA, Principi di restauro, Opus, 1983; L. CIANCABILLA, Per una prima mostra storica degli estrattisti in L’incanto dell’affresco. Capolavori strappati da Pompei a Giotto, da Correggio a Tiepolo, catalogo della mostra, Vol. I, a cura di L. CIANCABILLA, C. SPADONI, Silvane editore, Cinisello Balsamo, 2014, pp. 29-72; C. BRANDI, Teoria del restauro, Einaudi, Torino, 1961 (o edizioni seguenti); L. CIANCABILLA, Il distacco dei graffiti in Street art. Banksy & co. L'arte allo stato urbano, catalogo della mostra, a cura di L. CIANCABILLA, C. OMODEO, Bup, Bologna 2016, pp. 17-25.

Monographic: L. CIANCABILLA, The sight gallery. Salvaguardia e conservazione della pittura murale urbana contemporanea a Bologna, BUP, Bologna, 2015

One text at your choice among: H. ALTHOFER, Il restauro delle opere d'arte moderne e contemporanee, Nardini, Firenze 1991; O. CHIANTORE, A. RAVA, Conservare l’arte contemporanea, Electa, Milano, 2005;.

Teaching methods

This course involves the use of slides through which students will be introduced to the visual knowledge of works and interventions of the past and of the present, continuously referring to and comparing theory and practice, from the origins to the present. As one of the purposes of this course is getting used to the direct visual examination of art works and artistic artefacts, the thirty-hour visits to museums, sacred buildings, public and private collections and restoration yards are deemed as its integrating part.

Assessment methods

Oral examination on the institutional and monograph parts, including the use of images.

Teaching tools

• Color/black and white slides

• Visits to museums and public collections

• Visits to public and private restoration laboratories

• Visits to restoration work sites

Office hours

See the website of Luca Ciancabilla