70461 - History of Architecture 1

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Course contents

The course is divided into two modules (one each semester) structured around lectures and labs. After a series of initial introductive lectures, the course touches upon the most significant and exemplary themes and monuments of western architecture from its origins until the XVII century A.D.



The bibliography for individual themes addressed will be given out throughout the course. The following books are reccomended as basic textbooks:

G. Cricco, F. Di Teodoro, Itinerario nell'arte, Versione Gialla,vol.1, Zanichelli, Bologna, 3° edizione

G. Cricco, F. Di Teodoro, Itinerario nell'arte,Versione Gialla,vol.2, Zanichelli, Bologna, 3° edizione

Foreign students should also read:

Ian Sutton, Western Architecture, Thames and Hudson, New York 2001, or Spiro Kostof, A History of Architecture. Settings and Rituals, Oxford University Press, Oxford 2010.

Teaching methods

Lectures and labs will alternate for the most efficient exploration of the themes

Assessment methods

During the course of the year, students will be examined on monument identifications. The mid term exam will be written and final exam will be oral. It will include the variety of themes studied throughout the year. 

Teaching tools

Lectures will be delivered with visual aids such as power point presentations, screenings and internet sources.

Office hours

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