27157 - Theatre Seminar (1)

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The theater seminar is a training activity that integrates the educational offer of traditional courses. At the end of the seminar the student: - deepens the knowledge related to relevant aspects of theater studies; - independently applies theoretical analysis methodologies and practical activities of contemporary theater.

Course contents

A memory in music: the actor working on himself
How do you become something else? How do you characterize the psychology of the character? How do you build an effective action?

The seminar, in its second edition, held in collaboration with a professional actor, Orwa Kultoum, will be an opportunity to reflect on the meaning and the value of the concept of "emotional memories" in Stanislavski through a practical action path divided into four moments:
- the selection of its own "music library",
- the rediscovery of the emotional memory connected to it,
- the construction of the character
- the elaboration of a group performance.

The student proposes a "work on himself", between theory and practice with particular reference to the "Stanislavski system". Participants will be asked to come up with a short text, which includes the training course.
The seminar will consist of 10 meetings of 3/4 hours each and includes a final open test.
A couple of days of tests could be added before the fone test.
The meetings will take place according to this calendar:


19, 20, 21 from 2 p.m to 7 p.m.

26, 29, 30 from 2 p.m to 7 p.m


3, 10, 11 from 2 p.m to 7 p.m.

13, 14 from 10 a.m to 7 p.m

Compulsory attendance for a maximum number of 30 students at the Dams Lab via Azzo Gardino 65(Piazzetta PP Pasolini 5 / b)

http // www.dar.unibo.it / en / department / presentation / venues / laboratories-the-arts / index.html

To register you must send your name by 11 November 2018 laura.budriesi@unibo.it, specifying matriculation and year of course.

The first 30 entries will be accepted.
The seminar is divided into a Module corresponding to 30 hours of teaching and 6 credits (cfu).


Preliminary reading of: Stanislavski K., Stanislavski K., Il lavoro dell’attore su se stesso, Laterza, Roma-Bari, 2008 is recommended.

Teaching methods

The path involves the collaboration between the teacher and a professional actor, Orwa Kultoum. Each participant will be asked to participate in an actorial training which also includes the preparation of a short original text.

Assessment methods

The seminar activity does not give rise to a profit vote but only to a suitability judgment. The student will pass on the basis of active participation in the compulsory attendance course, and by a satisfactory final interview on the recommended text.

Teaching tools

Music and historical-critical texts on Syria today.

Office hours

See the website of Laura Budriesi