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Laura Budriesi

Adjunct professor

Department of the Arts

Short Bio

Laura Budriesi is currently Adjunct professor in Performing Arts at the Department of the Arts of the University of Bologna. Her teaching activities include "Scenography. Elements, Theory, History". Her work is especially focused on the intersection of theater and anthropology, and it's particularly directed at the performative aspects of rituals. She is the author of two books: Michel Leiris. Il teatro della possessione e Michel Leiris sui palcoscenici della possessione. Etiopia e Haiti 1930-1983 (Patron 2017) and ethnographic documentaries on ritual dance and possession cults, for which she has extensively researched in Mali and Ethiopia. Another research topic is animality on the contemporary scene and in the history of Theatre and Performance, in the framework of Animal Performance Studies, on which he has written various essays. On this topic she recently organized the conference: Animal Performance Studies: la scena del non umano in una cornice antropologica e filosofica (2021), .

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