27200 - Active Galaxies

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Academic Year 2017/2018

Learning outcomes

Students will obtain a deep knowledge of physical and observational properties of Active Galactic Nuclei, and starburst galaxies. The connection between AGN and starburst galaxies will be discussed, as well as the connection between AGN and parent galaxies.
Students will learn how to derive and estimate physical parameters from observational data.

Course contents

1) Active Galactic Nuclei
Morphological classification -- Line and continuum emission -- Energy Spectral Distribution
Gamma, X, Optical, and radio emission properties
Unified models  -- Output energy and accretion properties
AGN and the X-Ray background
2) Gamma ray burst
3) Starburst galaxies and their connection with AGN activity


Peterson: Active Galactic Nuclei
Robson: Active Galactic Nuclei
Fanti: Dispense di Radioastronomia

Melia: High-Energy Astrophysics
more books and published papers will be suggested in the course lectures

Teaching methods

Oral Lessons

Assessment methods

Oral colloquium
Students may start discussing a topic related to the course program

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