Summer and Winter Schools at the University of Bologna

The Summer and Winter Schools are intensive programmes offering a wide variety of subjects, designed to meet the new needs for cultural and interdisciplinary learning.

What they are and who can take part

The Summer and Winter Schools are international programmes lasting from one to four weeks, leading up to 6 university educational credits.

The curricula include classroom lessons and workshops, as well as opportunities for discovering the culture and traditions of Emilia Romagna. Most of them are delivered in English.

Some Summer and Winter Schools grant educational credits, while others do not (ECTS/CFU). Educational credits, if issued, may be recognised by universities.

Programmes are open to students and young graduates from Italy and around the world, and in some cases, to specific professional figures.

Discover our Summer and Winter Schools

List of Summer and Winter Schools


Ufficio Master Bologna

For Professional Master’s programmes, Post-graduate vocational training programmes, Summer and Winter Schools with University educational credits


Viale Quirico Filopanti, 7 - 40126 Bologna

Office hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
from 9:00 to 11:15
Tuesday and Thursday:
from 14:30 to 15:30

+39 051 2092798

SRRD - Unità Professionale Supporto e Coordinamento dell'attività e delle Strategie di Internazionalizzazione

For Summer and Winter Schools without University educational credits


Via Zamboni, 33 - Bologna

+39 051 2099879