Metal 3D Printing in Construction

Year 2023
Code 5996
Main Department Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering (DICAM)
Campus Bologna
Credits 3
Cost 350,00 €
Starting date Jul 04, 2023
Finishing date Jul 06, 2023
Application deadline Jun 15, 2023 (Expired)
Course overview
The objective of the Summer School is to train young researchers, PhD students, students and professionals interested in the topic of new construction technologies towards the knowledge of the basic aspects of large-scale metal 3D printing for construction. In particular, the topics dealt with will cover the basic aspects such as the characterization of the printed specimens, the guidelines to be adopted for the design, the structural optimization.Thanks to the participation of external lecturers from the most important European industries in the sector, participants will also be presented with specific case studies, aspects of modeling and evaluation of the economic-environmental impact of metallic 3D printing in construction. Finally, thanks to the recent allocation by the DICAM - Technique of Construction research group of a Delta WASP type metallic 3D printer located at the LISG laboratory of the University of Bologna, it will be possible to provide participants with a practical demonstration of metallic additive manufacturing of big dimensions.
Subject area
Sciences and technology
Learning outcomes
At the end of the course, participants will have acquired basic knowledge of large metal 3D printing, with specific reference to Wire-and-Arc Additive Manufacturing technology, increasingly popular in the industry of the buildings. Based on the acquired skills the participants will have acquired knowledge related to the specific properties of metallic elements 3D printed, and how to characterize those properties for the correct Structural Design. Ad-hoc structural optimization techniques for new and existing facilities will also be provided by external lecturers. Also, the opportunity to assist and participate in the 3D fabrication of an item large metal will provide applied knowledge on the part of 3D printing and the influence of process parameters in large-scale manufacturing size.
Number of participants
Min. 12 Max 30
English, Italian
Admission qualifications
The programme is reserved for candidates who, by the time of enrolment (15/06/2023), are in possession of the following qualifications and access requirements:

- Second cycle degree obtained under D.M. 270/04 or single cycle degree obtained under the laws previously in force (DM 509/99 and Old Regulations) in the following fields or classes: Civil Engineering, Architecture, Building Engineering;

- Second / single cycle degree obtained abroad deemed equivalent to those described in point above by the admission committee, for the purposes of admission to the Master.

- B2 English level
Linguistic skills
B2 English level
Academic director
Prof.ssa Giada Gasparini
Study plan
  1. Metal 3D printing in construction - an overview - ICAR/09 - Docente: Giada Gasparini
  2. Mechanical, geometrical and microstructural characterization of metal 3D printed elements - ICAR/09 - Docente: Michele Palermo
  3. Guidelines for structural design of metal 3D printed elements - ICAR/09 - Docente: Vittoria Laghi
  4. The world's first 3D printed steel footbridge - ICAR/09 - Docente: Filippo Gilardi
  5. Metal 3D printing for strengthening and repairing - ICAR/09: Docente: Harald Kloft
  6. Combining metal 3D printing with other construction materials  - ICAR/09 - Docente: Vittoria Laghi
  7. Fabrication strategies and monitoring systems - ING-IND/16 -  Docente: Giuseppe Venturini
  8. Wire-and-Arc Additive Manufacturing - demonstration  - ICAR/09 - Docente: Michele Palermo
  9. Structural optimization for metal 3D printing - ICAR/08 - Docente: Matteo Bruggi
  10. Advanced numerical modelling for metal 3D printing in construction - ICAR/09 - Docente: Peter Storey
  11. Life Cycle Assessment of large-scale metal 3D printing - ICAR/09 - Docente: Filomeno Martina
  12. Final considerations and practical test - ICAR/09 - Docente: Vittoria Laghi
Compulsory attendance
80 %

Segreteria Didattica- Vittoria Laghi


Segreteria Didattica- Vittoria Laghi