Ethics and Life Sciences

Year 2023
Code 5692
Main Department Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche e Neuromotorie - DIBINEM
Campus Bologna
Credits 5
Cost 120,00 €
Starting date Jan 16, 2023
Finishing date Jan 20, 2023
Application deadline Jan 10, 2023 (Expired)
Subject area
Learning outcomes
The programme aims to make students in a range of degrees - Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Law Studies, Philosophical Sciences, and Philosophy - familiar with crucial notions in ethics and bioethics, moral philosophy and philosophy of medicine, with a specific focus on scientific practice, clinical experience, scientific research in the fields of biomedicine, biology, biotechnology, and biolaw. In traditional academic contexts many of such notions are not currently addressed in all the teaching programs which train students for pratical and professional activities. They constitute, however, a set of tools (concepts, languages, arguments, judicial cases) which are indispensable for the full command of the issues involved. Clinicians and researchers from various disciplinary fields (bioetics, philosophy of law, gynecology, neurology) will deliver lectures, take part to round tables and coordinate students' discussion groups on the topics addressed in the Winter School.
Number of participants
min. 7 max. 30
5 days
English, Italian
Admission qualifications
- First and/or secnd cycle degree obtained under D.M. 270/04 or first cycle degree and/or second / single cycle degree obtained under the laws previously in force (DM 509/99 and Old Regulations) in the following fields or classes: Filosofia L05; Antropologia filosofica L49; Medical Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology LM-9; Biology, Molecular and cell Biology LM-06; Medicine and Surgery LM41; Philosophy LM78; Law LGM-01;

- First cycle degree and/or second / single cycle degree obtained abroad deemed equivalent to those described in point above by the admission committee, for the purposes of admission to the Master.

- Are admitted students of LMCU degree, PhD students and Post-Doc students.
Academic director
Prof.ssa Giovanna Cenacchi
Study plan
  1. Il concetto di malattia - SSD: M-FIL/03 - Docente titolare: Matteo Galletti
  2. Il concetto di malattia - SSD: M-Fil02 - Docente titolare: Raffaella Campaner
  3. Trapianti - SSD: M-FIL/03 - Docente titolare: Matteo Galletti
  4. Concepimento, nascita, maternità - SSD: IUS/20 - Docente titolare: Silvia Zullo
  5. La fine della vita. Il punto di vista della medicina della Terapia intensiva - SSD: MED 26 - Docente titolare: Rita Rinaldi
  6. I disturbi alimentari: l’anoressia nervosa - SSD: M-Fil/02 - Docente titolare: Anna-Rita Atti
  7. Concepimento, nascita e Materinita, approccio clinico - SSD: Med/40 - Docente titolare: Nicola Rizzo
  8. Med/40 - SSD: BIO18 - Docente titolare: Giovanni Perini
  9. Morire- Approccio clinico neurologico - SSD: MED26 - Docente titolare: Roberto D'Alessandro
  10. Morire- Concetto di fine vita - SSD: IUS/20 - Docente titolare: Marina Lalatta Costerbosa
  11. Concetti di Etica, Biotecica, Morale - SSD: IUS/17 - Docente titolare: Stefano Canestrari
  12. Introduzione alla Winetr School- obiettivi formativi - SSD: MED/08 - Docente titolare: Giovanna Cenacchi
  13. Concetti di Etica, Bioetica, Morale e filosofia della Scienza - SSD: M-Fil02 - Docente titolare: GIOVANNI BONIOLO
  14. Autonomia e Identita- L'approccio di genetica medica - SSD: MED/03 - Docente titolare: Marco Seri
  15. Il rapporto mente/corpo. A partire dal “dualismo” cartesiano - SSD: M-FIL/02 - Docente titolare: Francesco Cerrato
  16. Lavoro di gruppo degli studenti e verifica dei risultati - SSD: MED/08 - Docente titolare: Giovanna Cenacchi
  17. Comunicazione, scienza e medicina centrata sulla persona - SSD: MED/25 - Docente titolare: Luigi Grassi
Compulsory attendance

Prof.ssa Giovanna Cenacchi


Prof.ssa Giovanna Cenacchi