Information for international students

Information for international students wishing to enrol in a Professional Master Programme or in a Post-Graduate Vocational Training Programme.

Consult the programme overviews for Professional Master’s programmes and for Post-Graduate Vocational Training Programmes.

Carefully read the calls for applications and follow the instructions to apply and take part in the selection and, if you are admitted, to enrol.

You will have to: register on Studenti Online, register for the selection, pay the registration fee (non-refundable) and attach the required documents.

If you are admitted, you will have to pay the first instalment of the tuition fees by the deadline and matriculate, according to the operating instructions attached to the calls for applications.


If you are admitted to the programme using a qualification obtained abroad, you must submit the qualification, the academic transcript and the Declaration of Value. The qualification and the transcript must be translated and legalized. Translation is not necessary for documents in English, French or Spanish.

Only for academic qualifications issued by Institutes of countries belonging to the European Higher Education Area (Bologna Process), the Declaration of Value can be replaced by the Diploma Supplement issued by the competent university and drawn up according to the template of the European Commission. In any case, you will have to deliver the translated and legalized qualification and academic transcript.

More information on declaration of value, translation, and legalization

Enrolment in Professional Masters’ is incompatible with enrolment in other university degree programmes (eg. Second Cycle degree, Specialisation School, etc.). If you are a non-EU student admitted to the Professional Master’s using a qualification obtained abroad, you cannot suspend your enrolment in other university degree programmes. To be able to enrol, you must obtain the qualification relating to your current university career strictly by the deadline for enrolment.


Rules for entering and staying in Italy

If you are a student from a EU country, you must be in possession of an identity document valid for the entire period of stay in Italy and of an adequate health coverage also valid for Italy (EHIC card and / or private insurance).

If you are a student from a non-EU country and you do not reside in Italy, you must apply for an entry visa for study purposes (Post Graduate).

To apply for a student visa you need to:

  • be admitted to a Professional Master’s or to a Post-Graduate Vocational Training Programme and have paid the first instalment of the tuition fees;
  • read the information about visa for Italy, selecting “STUDY - POSTGRADUATE” as the “Reason for your stay”;
  • pre-enrol online via the Universitaly portal (step 6). In the application you must indicate the University of Bologna and choose the programme you are admitted to. You will also need to indicate the Embassy / Consulate at which you will apply for the entry visa for Italy. The Master Office will verify and validate your pre-enrolment application; your pre-enrolment application will be then forwarded to the Embassy / Consulate you specified;
  • contact the Embassy / Consulate well in advance to find out the requirements for obtaining an entry visa and make an appointment if necessary.

Usually you have to submit:

  • the summary of your pre-enrolment application validated by the University of Bologna, that you can download from;
  • proof of the availability of accommodation in Italy: hotel reservation, declaration of hospitality;
  • proof of the availability of means of support in relation to the stay in Italy;
  • health insurance for medical treatment and hospital treatment, if you are not entitled to health care in Italy by virtue of agreements or conventions in force with your country.

If you are a student from a non-EU country and you reside in Italy, you can enrol if you have a EU long-term residence permit (formerly the Residence Card) or a residence permit for:

  • employment, self-employment or for investor;
  • family reasons;
  • political asylum, subsidiary protection;
  • religious reasons.

If you have held a residence permit for study reasons, for at least one year, you may enrol if the permit is a renewable one (please note that a study residence permit issued for an Italian language course is not renewable).

More information on who are international students

If you are a non-EU student in possession of a residence permit issued by a EU country, contact the International Desk to check if you need an entry visa.

Residence permit

Upon your arrival in Italy, within eight working days of entry*, you must apply for a residence permit from the competent Police Headquarters (Questura). This is compulsory if you stay in Italy for more than 90 days. The procedures for applying for a residence permit are the same as those for students enrolled in degree programmes or single course units. To complete the matriculation a copy of the receipt received on applying for a residence permit must be sent to the Master Office.

Once you have collected your residence permit, you must send a copy to the Master Office.

N.B. In case of sending the documentation, the postal address is: University of Bologna – Ufficio Master - Via Zamboni, 33 - 40126 Bologna (Italy)


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