Professional Master programme in Restorative Dentistry and Aesthetic Prosthesis - 5775

Code 5775
Academic Year 2023-2024
Subject area Health
Campus Bologna
Level Second
Director Lorenzo Breschi
Duration Part time two-year programme
Teaching methods Conventional
Language English, Italian
Cost 6.000,00 €
Instalments first instalment 3.500,00 Euros (to be paid by the deadline set for enrolment 15/01/2024); second instalment 2.500,00 Euros (to be paid by 29/04/2024)
Application deadline

Dec 11, 2023 (Expired)

Enrolment start and end from 20/12/202 to 15/01/2024
Main Department
Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences - DIBINEM
Professional Profile
The programme lasts for annual with a two-year part-time attendance, classroom training is delivered in Italian and English, awards 60 CFU credits and aims the following learning outcomes :the Professional Master's Programme curriculum aims to train students in the management of direct and indirect aesthetic and restorative treatments in the light of the most advanced knoewledge in dentin-enamel adhesion.
Number of participants
Min: 10 Max: 40
International Professional Master's programme
Admission qualifications
- second/single cycle degree obtained under D.M. 270/04 or second/single cycle degree obtained under the laws previously in force (DM 509/99 and Old Regulations) in the following fields or classes: LM-41 Degree - in Medicine, LM-46 Dentistry and orthodontics or second or single cycle degrees in equivalent subjects;
- second/single cycle degree obtained abroad deemed equivalent to those described in point above by the admission committee, for the purposes of admission to the Master.
- Registration with the Italian Medical and Dentists Register;
- A good knowledge of English Language (at least B2 level).
Linguistic skills
A good knowledge of English Language (at least B2 level)
Other requirements
Registration with the Italian Medical and Dentists Register
Selection date
Dec 15, 2023
Study plan
  • Odontoiatria adesiva - SSD: MED/28 - Docente titolare: Lorenzo Breschi;
  • Emergenze in odontoiatria conservativa - SSD: MED/28 - Docente titolare: Lucio Montebugnoli;
  • Il trattamento conservativo dei settori anteriori - SSD: MED/28 - Docente titolare: Adamo Monari;
  • Protesi Estetica - SSD: MED/28 - Docente titolare: Mario Alessio Allegri;
  • Odontoiatria conservativa - SSD: MED/28 - Docente titolare: Gaetano Paolone;
  • Sistematiche digitali in protesi estetica - SSD: MED/28 - Docente titolare: Carlo Monaco;
  • Endodonzia e conservativa - SSD: MED/28 - Docente titolare: Carlo Prati;
  • Gestione conservativa di abrasioni ed erosioni - SSD: MED/28 - Docente titolare: Cesare Nucci;
  • Il trattamento conservativo dei settori posteriori - SSD: MED/28 - Docente titolare: Federico Ferraris;
  • Protesi adesiva estetica - SSD: MED/28 - Docente titolare: Annalisa Mazzoni;
  • Odontoiatria conservativa nel paziente pedodontico - SSD: MED/28 - Docente titolare: Milena Cadenaro;
  • Rapporti tra Odontoiatria Conservativa, protesi, parodontologia e implantologia - SSD: MED/28 - Docente titolare: Vittorio Checchi
Compulsory attendance
25 ects

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