Professional Master programme in Design and Technology for Fashion Communication - 9032

Code 9032
Academic Year 2023-2024
Subject area Humanities
Campus Bologna
Level First
Director Fabriano Fabbri
Duration Annual
Teaching methods Conventional
Language English
Cost € 10.000,00
Instalments first instalment € 5'000,00 (to be paid by the deadline set for enrolment 28 September 2023); second instalment € 5'000,00 (to be paid by 31 January 2024)
Application deadline

Aug 24, 2023 (Expired)

Enrolment start and end from 18/09/2023 to 28/09/2023
Main Department
Department of the Arts - DARvipem
Professional Profile
The programme lasts for a year, classroom training is delivered in English, awards 60 CFU credits and aims the following learning outcomes: to train experts and operators in the Italian Fashion sector, in order to provide them with the tools to act in the phases of pre and post production of the Italian Fashion system.
Number of participants
Min: 11 Max: 30
International Professional Master's programme
Admission qualifications
- First cycle degree and/or second / single cycle degree obtained under D.M. 270/04 or first cycle degree and/or second / single cycle degree obtained under the laws previously in force (DM 509/99 and Old Regulations) in the following subject areas:
    - Economics and Management
    - Engineering and Architecture
    - Humanities
    - Languages and Literatures, Interpreting and Translation
    - Political Sciences
    - Sociology

- First cycle degree and/or second cycle degree obtained abroad deemed equivalent to those described in point above by the admission committee, for the purposes of admission to the Master.

- On the basis of a positive evaluation by the Selection Committee, candidates in possession of other degrees in the scientific field may also be admitted to the selection process, provided they have qualified and documented professional experience or further documented training in the subjects covered by the master's degree.
Linguistic skills
Knowledge of the English language with at least B2 level
Selection criteria
Admission to the Master is subject to a positive opinion based on qualifications and interview.
Selection date
Sep 07, 2023
Study plan
  1. Aesthetics and Visual Culture for Fashion - SSD: L-ART/03 - Docente Titolare: Federica Muzzarelli;
  2. Contemporary Fashion and Sustainability - SSD: L-ART/03 - Docente Titolare: Fabriano Fabbri;
  3. Architecture and Layout for Fashion - SSD: ICAR/18 - Docente Titolare: Ines Tolic;
  4. Fashion Archive and Cultural Heritage - SSD: M-STO/04 - Docente Titolare: Daniela Calanca;
  5. Journalism for Fashion - SSD: L-ART/06 - Docente Titolare: Antonio Mancinelli;
  6. Creativity and Project - SSD: ICAR/13 - Docente Titolare: Flaviano Celaschi;
  7. Contemporary Languages of Representation - SSD: ICAR/17 - Docente Titolare: Fabrizio Ivan Apollonio;
  8. Virtual and Augmented Reality - SSD: INF/01 - Docente Titolare: Gustavo Marfia;
  9. Fashion Films and Digital Media - SSD:L-ART/06 - Docente Titolare: Paola Brembilla;
  10. Fashion Storytelling and Social Media - SSD:SPS/08 - Docente Titolare: Maria Chiara Rizzi;
  11. Management for Fashion Companies - SSD: SECS-P/08 - Docente Titolare: Mariachiara Colucci;
  12. Web and Multimedia Applications - SSD: INF/01 - Docente Titolare: Angelo Di Iorio;
  13. Web and Tools Marketing - SSD: INF/01 - Docente Titolare: Silvio Peroni;
  14. From Global Consumption to Fashion Trends - SSD: SPS/08 - Docente Titolare: Mariella Lorusso.

Other activities (Workshop)

  1.  Workshop - From idea to system product - SSD: ICAR/13 - Docente Titolare: Flaviano Celaschi;
  2.  Workshop - From trend to market - SSD: INF/01 - Docente Titolare: Gustavo Marfia;
  3.  Workshop - From Archive to Display - SSD: SPS/09 - Docente Titolare: Simona Maria Segre Reinach.

Compulsory attendance
500 hours - 20 ects

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