Professional Master programme in Sustainable and integrated Mobility in Urban Regions - 5648

Code 5648
Academic Year 2021-2022
Subject area Sciences and technology
Campus Bologna
Level Second
Director Andrea Simone
Duration Annual
Teaching methods Conventional
Language English
Cost 3.000,00 €
Instalments first instalment 1500,00 € (to be paid by the deadline set for enrolment 17/12/2021); second instalment 1500,00 € (to be paid by 29/04/2022)
Application deadline

Nov 12, 2021 (Expired)

Enrolment start and end from 30/11/2021 to 17/12/2021
Main Department
Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering - DICAM
Professional Profile
The programme lasts for one year, classroom training is delivered in english, awards 60 CFU credits and aims the following learning outcomes train technicians specialized in the planning and management of urban and regional mobility.
Number of participants
Min: 11 Max: 36
Admission qualifications
- second cycle degree obtained under D.M. 270/04 or single cycle degree obtained under the laws previously in force (DM 509/99 and Old Regulations) in the following fields or classes: LM 23 Master's Degrees in Civil Engineering, LM 24 Master's Degrees in Building Systems Engineering, LM31 Master's Degrees in Management Engineering, LM32 Master's Degrees in Computer Engineering, LM 33 Master's Degrees in Mechanical Engineering, LM 04 Master's Degrees in Architecture and Building Engineering - Architecture, LM 69 Master's Degrees in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, LM 35 Master's Degrees in Environmental and Territorial Engineering, LM 73 Master's Degrees in Forest and Environmental Sciences and Technologies, LM75 - Sciences and technologies for the environment and territory , LM-80 Geography and Territorial Processes;

- second / single cycle degree obtained abroad deemed equivalent to those described in point above by the admission committee, for the purposes of admission to the Master;

- in the basis of a positive evaluation by the Selection Committee, candidates in possession of other degrees in the engineering or scientific classes may also be admitted to the selection process, as long as they have a curriculum vitae that documents a qualified competence in the subjects covered by the master's degree.
Selection criteria
Admission to the Master is subject to a positive opinion based on based on passing the selection by assessing qualifications and an interview.
Selection date
Nov 19, 2021
Study plan
  • Road Infrastructure Design and Project Management - ICAR/04 - Giulio Dondi
  • Road Infrastructure Sustainable and Safe Management - ICAR/04 - Claudio Lantieri
  • Design, monitoring and management of airport infrastructures - ICAR/04 - Valeria Vignali
  • Operation and maintenance for public transport fleets - ICAR/05 - Andrea Bottazzi
  • Rail transport infrastructure and management - ICAR/04 - Andrea Simone
  • Greening design and solutions for sustainable road - AGR/10 - Patrizia Tassinari
  • Freight Transport and Behavioral issues in transportation - ICAR/05 - Giuseppe Luppino
  • Mobility Services and Regulations in urban areas - ICAR/05 - Tommaso Bonino
  • Mobility Trends and Analysis of passengers and freight transport - ICAR/05 - Maria Nadia Postorino
  • Mobility manager for Sustainable Urban Planning - ICAR/04 - Roberto Battistini
  • Smart city, Circular city, IOT and Big Data - INF/01 - Catia Prandi
  • Autonomous vehicles , Electric cars and recharging systems - ING-INF/05 - Stefano Mattoccia


  • Visite guidate in azienda - Andrea Simone 
  • Seminari e Workshop - Claudio Lantieri, Valeria Vignali
Compulsory attendance
70 %

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