Academic Year 2023/2024

  • Moduli: Barbara Mavì Masini (Modulo 1) Alessandro Bazzi (Modulo 2)
  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures (Modulo 1) Traditional lectures (Modulo 2)
  • Campus: Bologna
  • Corso: Second cycle degree programme (LM) in Electronic Engineering for Intelligent Vehicles (cod. 5917)

Learning outcomes

The course will provide the fundamentals of wireless communications, starting from time and frequency domain analysis of signals and systems, to digital modulations and wireless access techniques. In particular, the course will provide the tools to design a wireless link in vehicular scenarios and assess its performance and reliability.

Course contents

The course aims to provide the basic elements of the architecture and operation of telecommunications systems, with reference to vehicular applications. The student is required to demonstrate, at the end of the course, the knowledge on the following aspects:

  • digital baseband and bandpass communication systems;
  • power budget of a communication link;
  • propagation channel characteristics, including shadowing and fading;
  • protocol stack of digital networks;
  • multiple access to the shared medium;
  • architecture of a communication system, including cellular systems.


Slides and notes from the Professor will be sufficient for the preparation of the exam.

Optional books will be suggested during the lectures.

Teaching methods

Classroom lectures.

Assessment methods

Learning is tested by means of the final examination, which ascertains the acquisition of the required knowledge and skills through an oral test.

The test consists of an in-depth examination of certain topics covered during the course.

Office hours

See the website of Alessandro Bazzi

See the website of Barbara Mavì Masini