93575 - Workshop on Children Literature (G.D)

Academic Year 2023/2024

  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
  • Campus: Bologna
  • Corso: Single cycle degree programme (LMCU) in Primary Teacher Education (cod. 5711)

Learning outcomes

At the end of the workshop, the student: - knows how to apply what was covered in the integrated course within a simulated learning environment; - knows how to reflect critically in a group on the proposed topics.

Course contents

The workshop invites to an immersion in illustrated children's literature, with a focus on the format of the classic, wordless illustrated book.
The theoretical-practical proposal aims to provide an opportunity for in-depth study of the history, poetics and morphologies of the albums.
The proposed repertoires draw on the wordless book format and the theme of fashion, clothing and dress culture.
The workshop offers group work, discussion and reading, and the development of personal paths.


Marcella Terrusi, Meraviglie mute. Silent book e letteratura per l'infanzia. Carocci, 2017

Marcella Terrusi, Albi illustrati. Leggere, guardare, nominare il mondo nei libri per l'infanzia. Carocci, 2012


a cura di Marcella Terrusi

Roberto Farné, Il pudore, la protezione e l’ornamento. Pedagogia del vestire l’infanzia [https://rivistainfanzia.spaggiari.eu/pvw/app/1PWDIN02/pvw_sito.php?sede_codice=1PWDIN02&page=2808698]

Silvia Demozzi, Voglio essere una fashionist! Infanzia e moda, tra condizionamenti e spazi di possibilità [https://rivistainfanzia.spaggiari.eu/pvw/app/1PWDIN02/pvw_sito.php?sede_codice=1PWDIN02&page=2808699]

Fabriano Fabbri, Moda ludens. Il mondo dell’infanzia per i “big” delle passerelle [https://rivistainfanzia.spaggiari.eu/pvw/app/1PWDIN02/pvw_sito.php?sede_codice=1PWDIN02&page=2808700]

Marcella Terrusi, Un guardaroba da favola. Fili, stoffe e vestiti nell’infanzia e negli albi illustrati [https://rivistainfanzia.spaggiari.eu/pvw/app/1PWDIN02/pvw_sito.php?sede_codice=1PWDIN02&page=2808701]

Teaching methods

The workshop-type lesson incorporates theoretical and empirical aspects, stimulates discussion and comparison, and invites participation in group work.

Assessment methods

An original paper of max. 500 words relating to the workshop experience is required.

Teaching tools

Video projection of books.
Picture books in the classroom

Office hours

See the website of Marcella Terrusi


Good health and well-being Quality education

This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.