95502 - Russian Language Exercises (Lm)

Academic Year 2023/2024

Course contents

The language component of the course comprises 36 hours of classroom work (“Esercitazioni”, Prof. Anna Shkapa) which focuses on Russian for Academic Purposes and places particular emphasis on: oral presentation and writing skills (i.e. answers to open questions).


N.V. Basko (2010) Obsuzhdaem global'nye problemy, povtoriaem russkuju grammatiku. Moskva: Russkij jazyk.

More material will be announced and uploaded on the platform "Virtuale" by the Professor A. Shkapa during the lectures.

Assessment methods

Written exam: the written exam comprises a series of exercises related to the topics of the course. These include: comprehension of a written text; production of a brief essay; word formation analysis. Only monolingual dictionaries will be allowed.

Oral exam: the oral examination (in Russian) consists of a series of questions on one of the topics of the course. This exam will be conducted on the same day of the oral exam of the theoretical course "Russian Language LM".

Office hours

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