72980 - Project Work For Computational Models And Languages M

Academic Year 2023/2024

  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
  • Campus: Bologna
  • Corso: Second cycle degree programme (LM) in Computer Engineering (cod. 5826)

Learning outcomes

The aim of this activity is to apply the knowledge, metholodologies and tools learned in the main module to a practical project, either proposed by the student and validated by the teacher, or proposed by the teacher ad accepted by the student.

Course contents

The project can deal with any aspect in the Languages and Computational Models area, including the development of multi-paradigm applications or the contribution to research activity in the area. The activity must state explicitly the initial requirements, provide an in-depth analysys of the problem, discuss the project and the architecture of the proposed solution (including the evaluation of possible alternatives and the motivation(s) for choosing the specific one), up to the implementation choices, testing methodologies and techniques. A final comprehensive demo is expected and adequately evaluated.


Please refer to the associated main course unit.

Teaching methods

The project is developed autonomously by the student under the supervision of the teacher, on a topic previously agreed upon. The student is expected to update the teacher regularly during the activity, and interact with him about the fundamental choices. The activity must be documented either through a written survey, or  presentation (slides), or via software development, as appropriate in relation with the type pf project and its expected outcome.

In case part of the work is developed in computer labs, students must previously participate to both 1 & 2 modules about safety at work, as per the Italian law. Such modules can be attended on-line at [https://elearning-sicurezza.unibo.it/].

Assessment methods

The exam consists of an oral discussion, where the student presents his/her project with explicit reference to the project goals, the consequent architecture, the implementation choices, providing adequate motivations. A demo of the working project is also expected, in coherence with the type of activity.

Teaching tools

Given the applicative nature of this activity, the tools will be selected either by student or in cooperation with the teacher, based on the specific project requirements. In any case, adequate motivations shall be given during the project presentation and discussion.

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