96071 - Spring/Summer School

Academic Year 2023/2024

  • Moduli: Gudrun Hiller (Modulo 1) Angelo Carbone (Modulo 2) Maximiliano Sioli (Modulo 3)
  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures (Modulo 1) Traditional lectures (Modulo 2) Traditional lectures (Modulo 3)
  • Campus: Bologna
  • Corso: Second cycle degree programme (LM) in Advanced Methods in Particle Physics (cod. 5810)

Learning outcomes

The School is aimed to provide students with a knowledge of the most important and updated experimental results in the field of Particle Physics. Besides, the student will present his/her activities to the audience. At the end of the School, the student will have a basic knowledge of the most important results presented at the International Conference by the leading experiments in the field of Particle physics. Finally, the students will acquire skills in communicating scientific results.

Course contents

Place of teaching: Technische Universität Dortmund, Cargese

Varying topics from the field of particle physics and related subjects including recent results in flavor physics, top-quark and Higgs physics, neutrino physics and future experiments. Short presentation of the participants’ research experiences.

Teaching methods

Lecture (70%), seminar (20%) and directed discussion (10%)

Assessment methods

Quiz at the end of each lecture.

Teaching tools

Slides available on virtuale.unibo.it

Office hours

See the website of Angelo Carbone

See the website of Gudrun Hiller

See the website of Maximiliano Sioli