Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

The course aims to promote the following objectives:
a. review and reinforcement of spelling, grammatical and syntactic knowledge;
b. improvement and testing of lexical, morphological and syntactic skills;
c. ability to analyze and understand narrative, descriptive/informative and argumentative texts, graphs and diagrams;
d. ability to write texts, including specialized ones.

Course contents

PLEASE NOTE: This Additional Formative Obligation (OFA) Remedial Program is for students enrolled in the Social and Cultural Educator course of study at the Bologna campus and the Educator in Children's Services course.
To find out if you have earned the OFA you need to go to SOL, search for your study priano and check if 'OFA' is indicated.
Students who had OFA in either ESC Bologna, ESC Rimini or ESI in the Access Test are required to carefully read the directions on the following pages

in which they will find all the useful information.

In the specific OFA remedial course of 48 prepared by ESC and ESI courses of study, targeted activities will be carried out on the following contents:
a. recovery and consolidation of spelling, grammar and syntactic knowledge;
b. expansion and verification of lexical, morphological and syntactic skills;
c. in-depth readings of narrative, descriptive/informative, argumentative texts, tables and graphs;
d. analysis and deconstruction of texts to recompose, expand and synthesize them;
e. text types, analysis and writing of specialized texts;
f. hints on rhetorical strategies.

Classes of the Course specifically dedicated to OFA remediation will be held from January 2024, with a schedule to be indicated shortly.

To attend the OFA Course, it is NOT necessary to register but to show up for class on the days and times indicated on the OFA Course website.

The ESC Bologna and ESi OFA course tutor is Prof. Francesco Bruno, who responds to the email francesco.bruno4@unibo.it


Ad hoc materials constructed by the lecturer will be presented during the Course. Additional suggestions will be provided during the Course.

Attendance is really important and strongly recommended.

For non-attending students, in addition to the material in the virtual, the following texts may be useful (but not mandatory):

L. Serianni, Leggere, scrivere, argomentare: prove ragionate di scrittura, Bari, Laterza, 2013.

G. Patota, Prontuario di grammatica, Bari, Laterza, 2013.

Teaching methods

Dialogic and face-to-face lectures; distance learning activities through the support of the elearning-cds platform (specific instructions will be given in the classroom); laboratory activities and individual and group exercises.
Attendance at the 48-hour OFA Course is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

Assessment methods

The examination will take place through the conduct of a written test lasting 60 minutes, in which spelling, lexical, textual (production and comprehension), logical-linguistic knowledge will be ascertained.

The outcome of the exam will be announced on the "Almaesami" platform.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to take the exam, registration via the "Almaesami" platform is required in strict compliance with the deadlines. Those who are unable to register due to technical problems by the scheduled date are required to promptly (and in any case before the official closing of the registration lists) notify the teaching secretary of the problem.

Those enrolled in the academic year 2023-2024 are reminded that it is NOT possible to take the OFA exam before the Course is held, that is, from January 2024, so you should not register on Almaesami before June 2024.

Teaching tools

IOL elearning platform, audiovisual projector, computer, textbook and paper and digital supplementary materials.

Office hours

See the website of Mirella D'Ascenzo