91818 - Seminars (D) (LM)

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

At the end of their internship, students should be able to plan their research or other intellectual work autonomously, and possess the necessary instruments to work autonomously and in a well organized way in professional contexts specifically related to their academic background. If required, students will also be able to illustrate the results of their activity in a methodologically correct oral or written form, with a high degree of accuracy.

Course contents

Di-versifying: Poetry, Translation, Publishing Industry

The aim of the seminar is to train students in such skills like analysing and understanding a literary text (in particular: poetic) and publicly commenting it, in connection with its translation, as well as to examine in depth the more specifically professional issues connected with the functioning of poetry in the publishing industry.

Meetings will be conducted by prof. Ceccherelli, Soncini, Balletta, Conterno, Niero as well as by poets, critics, translators and editors, and will concern the work of such poets like W. Szymborska, A. Achmatova, R. Tagore, I. Bachmann and C. Vallejo


All the materials will be accessible on the platform Virtuale during and at the end of the seminar

Teaching methods

Workshops, conversations.

Active participation by the students is requested for the achievement of the objectives of the seminar

Assessment methods

At the end students will have to produce either a translation or an analysis of a poetic text, or a review of a book, or an essay on the reception of a poet in Italy.

The task shall be agreed with a teacher )Ceccherelli, Niero, Soncini, Conterno, Balletta).

Office hours

See the website of Andrea Ceccherelli


Quality education Decent work and economic growth

This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.