Podiatry Teaching Clinic of the University of Bologna (DIBINEM)

The Podiatry Teaching Clinic of the University of Bologna (DIBINEM), located at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Hospital, has an agreement offering students and employees of the University of Bologna a 20% discount on all services, on presentation of their University badge.

The Podiatry Teaching Clinic of the University of Bologna provides services for the well-being and health of your feet. The clinic is manned by medical students from the Podiatry degree programme, under the supervision of professional podiatry tutors.

The clinic welcomes patients of all ages, particularly the elderly who most frequently suffer from foot conditions related to other diseases such as diabetes, vascular diseases, rheumatic conditions and kidney disorders. The services include the prevention of podiatric complications in patients undergoing cancer treatment. Innovative equipment, including a latest-generation baropodometry platform, is also available to sportsmen and women, for biomechanical evaluations, to study posture and motion and support the choice of correct footwear.

The clinic is open by appointment (by phone) and does not require a referral from your GP. Charges are lower than standard market prices given the nature of this teaching clinic.

How to book: patients are seen by appointment; you can book by phone (tel. 051/6366322) or request an appointment directly at the clinic.

How to get there: the bus line no. 30 will take you from the city centre and the railway station to the Podiatry Teaching Clinic.