STATA SE - Campus Licence

Following an agreement with TStat, the University has activated the STATA SE Campus licence, thanks to which all academic staff, researchers, professional staff, visiting professors, PhD students, research fellows and students can install the STATA SE application on their computers and take free online training courses.

What is it?

Stata is a comprehensive statistical software that can potentially meet the needs of a wide range of academic and professional users, in disciplines such as economics, sociology, psychology, biostatistics, epidemiology and many others. Stata includes a large variety of statistical functions (see the main features section) and full data management capabilities. It is not only user-friendly for beginners, but also offers sophisticated programming options for more experienced users. Newly developed capabilities and official updates can be easily installed via the Internet.

Who can use it?

This software is available to the entire community of the University of Bologna: academic staff, researchers, professional staff, visiting professors, PhD students, research fellows and students, by using their username and password ( or

Installation methods

To install the software on your computer, please refer to the portal of the University of Bologna. The software is available for different operating systems.

What does the licence include?

The campus licence includes the STATA SE application.

The licence is personal to you and you may not transfer it to third parties. It can be installed on three computers as long as they are only used by one person (for example, you can use it in the office, at home and on your laptop), but cannot be used at the same time. The licence includes technical support from TStat (using the email address

Online training courses are available free of charge.

The University’s academic staff and employees have the option to purchase/upgrade a Stata single user SE or MP2 licence, either perpetual or annual, through the Academic Prof+Plan Programme at a reduced price, approximately 48% less than the standard price of an academic licence.

What are the usage limits?

The computers on which the software is installed must be either owned by the University of Bologna or be personal computers. Installation on computers of other bodies or research centres is not permitted, even if the University has ongoing collaborations with them.